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Ford Blend Door Actuator Recall: 3 Reasons and Resolution!

Ford Blend Door Actuator Recall

Riding a ford car might sound luxurious just till you dace the problems that come as a bonus with the best ford deal. One of such problems faced by ford users is a blend door actuator defect where you will need a ford blend door actuator recall. If you are a new ford user, you must note the symptoms to prevent excessive loss related. Even if you are used to ford, you need a technical idea of Ford car defects to attain urgent fixing.

There can be many hidden reasons why your ford car is experiencing this defect. The blend door actuator basically communicates the commands of the climate control system and allows the required temperature of air into the car cabin. This article will help you with acknowledging the problem at the right time. Therefore, reaching out for help before the case worsens.

3 Usual Symptoms of Defect: Ford Blend Door Actuator Recall

Usual Symptoms of Defect: Ford Blend Door Actuator Recall

When your car experiences this defect, you might experience an abrupt change in temperature inside. You must check for clarity on the rest confusing factors. Once done, you know now is the high time to go through the basic idea of blend door actuator defects before going on a ford blend door actuator recall. Here are parts where you need to check out for problems.

  • Clicking sound
  • Wrong temperature
  • Feel of two different temperature

Clicking Sound

A continuous faint clicking sound coming from under the dash might indicate some problem with the blend door actuator as the fuse connection is closely situated and connected in it. It is often observed that, in many cases that after setting or changing the temperature, the clicking sound comes up. The sound temporarily lasts till one wishes to alter the mode of air income. However, when the sound frequency of occurrence improves, it might be considered as an indication.

Wrong Temperature

This problem is one of the most confusing symptoms that indicate the blend door actuator problem. There can be problems related to the same symptom in a ford car. According to professional ford blend door actuator recall, the problem is typically affected by the actuator if only the temperature either sticks to one particular level of temperature (hot/cold). Or it keeps increasing towards a single temperature as long as the system stops registering or responding to inputs. 

Two Different Temperatures

The difference in the temperature comes when one side of the climate controller fails to respond or is disconnected. This symptom indicates a degraded actuator because the connectivity of the climate controller is direct in the case of a blend door actuator. The specific problem that occurs, in this case, is that the passengers experience two different layers of air and due to the inability of the system to perform complete cooling or heating.

3 Dumb Assumptions Regarding Ford Blend Door Actuator Recall

There is much confusion regarding the ford blend door actuator recall symptoms as some of them have coinciding symptoms due to connectivity and correlativity. Not all clicking sound indicates the fault in the blend door actuator, similarly not all temperature issues signify an absolute defect in the actuator. Your car might be suffering from many problems at the same time. However, not all causes can be accurately determined. Here are some of the coinciding defects.

  • Air conditioner defect
  • Bad core heater problem
  • Frozen blend door

Air Conditioner Defect

Sometimes when the problem is about the AC system, the temperature variation may be vast and noticeable. It doesn’t always indicate the blend door defect, especially when you turn the conditioner to its full potential blast while still having a cold engine, and it still doesn’t release hot air when the engine slowly warms up. This way, you can get clarity to your technical speculation in this case.

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Bad Core Heater Problem

Out of all the rest of the confusing symptoms, if your car won’t blow hot air, it is least connected to the defects of the blend door. It is no more than a dumb assumption if you can clearly notice the cold air blowing out of the conditioner. This defect calls for a heater core repair. Your air conditioner is fine, and so is your ford blend door actuator recall

Frozen Blend Door

At times when you are out on a long trip, you may experience a frozen blend door. Even though this defect is not very concerning, confusing it with a bad blend door actuator is the most common speculation of the riders. In this case, turn off your AC for a few hours, and soon it will be perfectly back at work. It can therefore be called another dumb assumption.

Fixing the Problem

Fixing the Ford Blend Door Actuator Recall

As you might consider a ford blend door actuator recall after gaining clarity of the situation, you should be aware of what service you are choosing for it. There are a few things that professionals would perform on your car to fix the problem. The primary part of which will involve the replacement and re-establishment of connections. In the process, you might have to give away some amount in the range of $130-$300. These are the fixing that your car requires. 

  • Repairing the fuse related connections
  • Indentifying the defective component
  • Replacing the defective component
  • Replacing the blend door itself in teh worst case

FAQs Related to Ford Blend Door Actuator Recall:

How much ford blend door actuator recall replacement cost?

The bare minimum cost of the ford blend door actuator recall is $130 charged for minor repairs in the system. The maximum qualitative repair will require around $300. The commercial range of charging depends on the level of damage.

How long does it take to fix the ford blend door actuator recall?

The repair typical involves tracing the real cause of the symptoms, identifying the component causing the defect, and removing the same. Finally, adjusting the door with a functional one to make it work normally. All of this might take 2-3 hours.

How to clarify the doubts from coinciding symptoms of ford blend door actuator recall?

1. Air conditioner defect-It doesn’t release hot air when the engine warms up.
2. Bad core heater problem-There is no hot air released from the air conditioner.
3. Frozen blend door- It is temporary because when it is left for a few hours gets resolved.

Instant Fixing: Temporary

One of the best ways to instantly make your defective blend door actuator work is to hold the blend door upside down, inserting your hand into the interior of the dash to reach the dash control knob. You can manually control the knob and make the blend door actuator work for the time being. The ford blend door actuator recall will have to go through permanent fixing even if you are using this trick for instant relief.

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