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Ford Bed Extender: Right Kind Accessory for Tailgate Attachment

ford bed extender

A Ford bed extender is among the most valuable additions to a heavy truck’s cargo bay, allowing it to be extended several feet to the rear and even skyward. Some truck bed extenders will enable you to move tools, freight, equipment, and long, heavy things by leaving your bed free. You can carry loads that you couldn’t before with the help of a good truck bed extension.

Various bed extenders vary in size and load-bearing capacity, so be sure your model is appropriate with your pickups before you buy. You can fit the stuff in your vehicle’s bed with a Ford bed extender, which is less expensive than employing professional movers. So, let’s look for the right bed extenders for your Ford vehicle with acquiring some extra information before finally installing them.

Benefits of Ford Bed Extender

Bed extenders may lengthen your bed by two feet. They’re ideal for huge loads that need to be transported. Once professionally fitted, these cage-like devices rotate back and forth lock into place with ease. Flip the extender over to you and lower the tailgate for an additional 2 feet of storage capacity.

Extenders are useful for transporting a wide range of freight, from large to small weights. No problem if you don’t want to use the extension. They’re easy to get rid of and almost painless to do so.

  • There’s more room. A truck bed extension is necessary unless you’re the type of individual who is constantly lugging items around.
  • The strap is provided. A truck bed extender includes a strap that locks your belongings in place during travel to prevent them from breaking and to make unloading easier.
  • Other vehicles are compatible. You don’t need to acquire a truck to carry your belongings if you don’t have one.

Types of Ford Bed Extender


Plastic or metal are commonly used to create this U-shaped bed extension. It’s great for transporting products that aren’t longer than your pickup’s bed. It’s attached to your truck’s rear to provide you with an additional 2 inches of cargo room. This style of extender works best for items that aren’t very hefty.


This style of bed extender turns your pickup truck into a “shelf” that you really can swing in and out to make loading and unloading easier. It also has another function: it can be used as an extension. However, for more excellent cargo support, you’ll need a correct hitch, mainly while the bed extender is fastened.


The lifting capacity of a bedside extender is greater than that of a standard bed extender. It contains support arms for securing items that are larger than the bed of your vehicle. It has a suspension mount for attaching a rear transmitter to your vehicle. You may also use the bedside extender to move moderately bulky items without fear of losing them or harming them during transportation.

Ford Bed Extender Considerations

  • Compatibility: Many truck bed extenders’ dimensions and load criteria may not be suitable for all trucks, so be sure the bed extender you purchase will suit your truck. It would be a waste of resources otherwise.
  • Added Functions: A Ford bed extender can come with a variety of extra features. You should search for something that shuts to keep your cargo secured. You can also search for one with an adaptor for its hook connection to ensure that the truck bed extender is secure.
  • Material: Seek for a truck bed extension built of heavy-duty products to ensure that it will be capable of carrying your bulky items without failing. For the greatest outcomes, aluminum or heavy-duty metal should be considered. Also, look into whether or not a truck bed extender is rust-free.
  • Easy Installation: If you are not a pro at putting things together, including a bed extender, you should choose one that is simple to put together and does not involve the assistance of a specialist. It’s also a plus if the bed extension is simple to remove and keep so you don’t have to leave it on the vehicle and expose it to the outdoors.

Ford Bed Extender Protection

It’s critical to look after your Ford bed extender if you want to get the best bang for your buck. With polyurethane coating, you can safeguard your item against the factors such as wetness, UV radiation, and freezing temperatures. It can withstand all types of weather and provides a rust-proof barrier against water and other impurities. This durable coating will not break, flake, or crack over time. It’s simple to use and provides excellent impact and resistance properties.

Ford Bed Extender: 4 Top Brands

AMP Research 74815-01A Black Bed Extender

This collapsible variant is made of aluminum alloy tubes and may be utilized with the extender up or down for increased versatility. This choice is perfect for general use because it is simple to assemble and install. It may add up to 2 ft of covered cargo space to your vehicle.

MaxxHaul 70231 Truck Bed Extender

Its fast and easy pins make it easy to place on or tear off in a rush, and it’s intended for long loads like planks and ladders. It has protective reflective strips on the top and sides. This item, suitable with 2-inch hook receivers, can be utilized for more than simply pickups.

LUND Truck Bed Extender

The side wings of this item are movable from 27 to 49 inches and can carry up to 750 lbs. When in operation, it adds 7 inches to the cargo space. It’s ideal for moving other personal items. 

2022 Ford Maverick Bed Extender

This bed extender is made of rigid metal and expands up to 2-feet to provide you with more protected cargo room. The U-shape structure is the ideal combination of style and utility for keeping your goods secure. For maximum impact resistance, it has a black powder-coated surface. Above all, there’s highly corrosive material hardware.

Ford Bed Extender Locks (Pins)

Some of the good quality brands available for locking up your Bed extender with your tailgate is as follows:

  • CURT 21510 Trailer Hitch Pin & Clip 
  • Reese Towpower 7009200 Hitch Pin
  • Striker Bolt Screws & Washers Set 

FAQs on Ford Bed Extender

Is it worthwhile to invest in a ford bed extender?

A Ford bed extender is an excellent investment for people who frequently transport long or heavy items.

Is it possible to modify the length of a truck bed extender?

For mounting, most truck bed extenders necessitate drilling holes. The width can be adjusted to fit beds with a width of 59 to 69 inches.

What does the ford bed extender cost?

The average cost of a truck bed extender ranges between $300 – $500.

Concluding Thoughts on Ford Bed Extender

So, here is the end of the article, which provides you with a general idea of a Ford Bed Extender. However, if you are a person who regularly transports goods from one place to another, this extension is the best for you. Therefore, before finalizing anything, do proper research and finally take recommendations from a person who owns one of these bed extenders.

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