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Ford 8700: An Intermediate for Recent Modern Problems

Ford 8700

Ford 8700 is considered one of the company’s exceptional truck models. However, Ford 8700 owners have reported excellent reviews regarding the car’s specifications and consumer attributes. Additionally, its completely redesigned motor and extensive selection of components are still thought to be outstanding selections.

It has some classic and antique styles, which made it look extraordinary for the buyers to buy one for them, however, with some notable changes in its working technique and performance. With some betterment in its MPG and engine performance, Ford 8700 bought itself as a gift to the farmers. The design’s ascent to the top of the industry’s demand is influenced by stability, efficiency, version information, and pricing. But before you make any choices, this article will explain all you need to know about the Ford 8700 specifications.

Ford 8700: Engine

Ford 8700: Engine
Base Engine Type4 cycle
Base Engine Size six-cylinder liquid-cooled diesel
Cylinders 6
Horsepower127.0 hp @2350 rpm
Torque314 lb. ft. @1500 rpm
Firing order1-5-3-6-2-4
Drive Type4×2, 2WD
TransmissionSliding Gear/ Dual power

Ford 8700: Transmission

Transmission TypeSliding gearDual-Power
Gearbox Type8F/2R, Unsynchronized16F/4R, Partial powershift
Number of Forwarding Gears 816
Number of Backward Gears 24
Forward Speed (mph)17.617.6
Backward Speed (mph) 7.7  7.7 

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Ford 8700: Oil Capacity and Electrical Charging

Ford 8700: Oil Capacity and Electrical Charging
Fuel System Injection pump
Fuel Tank Capacity (gal.)52.6
Oil Capacity (l)11.5
Electrical System Rating (Volts)12
Charging SystemAlternator

Ford 8700: Injection Pump

A diesel engine’s cylinders are pumped with gasoline using an injection pump. It’s crucial to consider the timing and pressure of fuel injection into the individual cylinders. If regular maintenance is not performed, the injection pump in your Ford 8700 could experience these issues.

  • Unclean Fuel
  • Foreign objects entering the Injector
  • Reduced Fuel Level
  • Incorrect injector timing

Mostly, if these symptoms are seen, a replacement of the injection pump is necessary. Depending on the tractor’s production years and age, a new gasoline pump typically costs between $220 and $1,062.

Ford 8700: PTO or Hydraulics

Operational Type Independent
Horsepower (hp) 110.6
ClutchDry disc
Speed (rpm)1000
Hydraulic System TypeOpen center
Implement Pump Flow (GPM)15.5
Steering Pump Flow (GPM)4.2 

Ford 8700: Hydraulic Pump

Ford 8700: Hydraulic Pump

An apparatus known as a hydraulic pump is a technical energy source that produces hydraulic energy. On the right side, behind the SCVs, is a cover that houses the pump. To access it, you simply need to remove the right wheel. However, if the pump is used roughly, the machine may not operate as it should. The list below includes a few signs that the hydraulic pump needs to be replaced.

  • Exterior and interior leaks
  • Water Contaminations
  • Slow to Bad Performance
  • Heat degradation
  • Failing seals

However, you can also hear increased noises from the engine as one of the earliest signs of a bad hydraulic pump. However, an immediate check-up is needed. Otherwise, a replacement can be done. The least cost for the replacement of a hydraulic pump comes under $1500.

Ford 8700: Dimensions

Length (in.)176
Width (in.)85
Height (in.)119.4 
Weight (lbs.)12270
Wheelbase (in.)98
Ground Clearance (in.)25.3

Above all, there are 2 different exterior colors available for the model ford 8700. Ford Charcoal enamel is generally seen painted on engines, wheel rims, and axles. Ford Black enamel in grilles or trims and Ford Blue enamel on the exterior body are mostly used and available.

Ford 8700: Tires and Wheels

Steering SystemHydrostatic power
Steering ConfigurationFront Steer
Front Tire Size10.0×16
Rear Tire Size18.4×38

Ford 8700: Parts

ENGINEcylinder heads, gaskets, valves, engines, blocks, pistons, liners, piston rings, Seals, engine overhaul Kits, fuel pumps, oil pumps, crankshafts, engine bearings, oil filters, fuel filters, fuel pipes, manifolds, silencers
BODY AND EXTERIOR FINISHESNose cones, cowlings, bonnets, dash panels, grilles, footplates, footsteps, seats, air Suspension Seats, door frames, window frames, side panels, fixings, rubber parts, stickers, and decals, catches, cab mounts, paints, thinners, and primers.
TRANSMISSION AND PTOGear levers, rubber boots, knobs, selector rails, springs, selector forks, housings, seals, O-rings, PTO shafts, gears, switches, gaskets
BRAKE AND HYDRAULICSbrake discs, kevlar brake discs, brake shoes, brake drums, brake master cylinders, and brake slave cylinders, full brake repair kits, brake seal kits, brake cables, fluid reservoirs, brake actuators, relief valves, spool valves, hydraulic filters, complete top lift covers and quadrant assemblies, stack pipes, and quick release couplings.
COOLING AND ELECTRICALwater pumps, radiator hoses, thermostats, drain taps, rubber mounts, fans, Alternators, Gauges, Sensors, Tachometers, Lights, and Bulbs

Ford 8700: No Power to The Dashboard; Why?

There are specifically pointed out issues when it comes to Ford 8700 tractor. One of them is where there is no power for the dashboard to operate. However, there are certain mishaps that can lead to the dashboard not lighting up.

One of the most common reasons behind it is the malfunctioning of the fuse or damaged fuse. Thus, in this scenario, you can replace the fuse with a new one. If this does not work, you can also ask for some professional help here.

Ford 8700: Reviews

As per research and comment surfing, most of the users are satisfied with the decision to purchase the ford 8700. There are definitely some drawbacks along with certain other good qualities. But, overall, this tractor had proved to be a labeled competitor in the automobile industry while raising the standards higher than other tractors manufactured.

FAQs on Ford 8700:

Where is the valve located in the Ford 8700?

It is often fixed to the tractor’s cab or frame.

How to solve the poor engine output of the Ford 8700?

This is the result of inadequate compression. The issue can be resolved by replacing the piston rings or cylinder liner.

Why does the steering wheel feel easy to operate in Ford 8700?

These can be due to 3 reasons: Low oil rating, pump steering breaking, or issues with the steering cylinder.

Where is the serial number of Ford 8700 located?

The flat surface above and behind the starter is where the tractor’s serial number is located. The model number appears as the first number. That is followed by the serial number. The beginning and end of the serial number are indicated by a diamond symbol.

What is the minimum cost of a Ford 8700 Loader?

Most of the front and back loaders cost around $7000. Moreover, the front-end loaders cost more than the back loaders.

Can you pull start an 8700 Ford Tractor?

Yes, you can pull start an 8700 Ford tractor.

Concluding Points

The majority of reviews of the Ford 8700 tractor were favorable. It’s pretty easy to maintain and operate this tractor. Once a year, only the oil and filter need to be replaced. It is, nonetheless, a wise financial choice. So, if you’re on the fence about buying this tractor or not, I say go for it.

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