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Ford 6610: Efficient and Reliable Tractor for Country Men

Ford 6610

As one of the Ford 10 generation updates, the Ford 6610 was introduced in 1981 to supersede the Ford 6600. This tractor spent a good portion of its day pulling a light load on the farm. It is considered one of the classic specimens among the few Ford Tractors.

While in functioning, it is easier to use and learn. To complement its engine requirements, it comes with the option of a 2 or 4 wheels drive with a diesel engine. However, this post will go over the Ford 6610 in considerable detail, providing you with a thorough understanding of the model’s features.

Ford 6610: Overview

This multipurpose tractor has a lot of valuable features in addition to its engine specs. Featuring a 4.4 L (268.0 cu. in.) 4 cylinder diesel engine and a speed automatic transmission (one of 4 alternatives). It also boasts stability control, differential hydraulic wet braking systems, and two-post ROPS, among other features.

Engine TypeFour-stroke, liquid-cooled, inline
Drive Typediesel
Combined MPG
Transmissionspeed automatic

Ford 6610: Engine

Engine size4.4 L
Horsepower219 hp @ 2100 rpm
Torque219 lb. -ft
Oil tank capacity8.5 L
Coolant tank capacity12.8 L
Number of batteries1
Battery Amps128 amps
Electric charging systemalternator
Electric charging Amps32 amps
Engine starter volts12 V

Ford 6610: Transmission

Transmission systemDual Power
Transmission gears16 forward and eight reverse
Transmission typesynchromesh partial power shift
Wheel drive4×2 2WD and 4×4 4WD
Braking systemdifferential mechanical wet disc
Differential lockmechanical rear
Steering systempower
Cabin typeTwo-post ROPS

Ford 6610: Exterior

Ford 6610: Exterior
Length2WD: 144.9 in.
4WD: 153.1 in.
Width68.5 in.
HeightROPS: 95.7 in.
Cab: 106.6 in.
Weight2WD with ROPS: 6,800 lbs.
4WD with ROPS: 7,300 lbs.
Wheelbase2WD: 87.4 in.
4WD: 88.8 in.
Front tread size52 to 80.5 in.
Rear tread size60 to 80 in.
AG front tires7.50-18
AG rear tires18.4-30

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Ford 6610 Block Heater

Rather than heating the whole engine block, this sort of burner only heats the oil pan. It aids in improving viscosity and minimizing frictional damage by reducing the thickness of the oil on the motor. To be safe, plug in your engine compartment heater when the temperature drops to -15° C or lower.

If you ride a diesel car, you may need to use the automotive engine burner to maintain the temperature from falling too low. Most block heater cables can be located wrapped in a vividly colored piece of tape around the right or left ends of your tractor’s engine area.

Ford 6610 PTO Problems

The PTO system on the 6610 is self-contained, indicating it works separately from the drivetrain and clutch. It engages the PTO with a manually applied, spring-released gear pack. The lever you use to activate it turns a loop in the PTO relief valve to turn the clutch bag’s oil on and off.

Your tractor’s PTO is necessary for completing specific tasks. You’re not totally out of good fortune if your PTO isn’t riveting; there are several measures you can do to improve matters. Several reasons behind PTO issues are mentioned below.

  • Low transmission oil levels or low air pressure levels
  • faulty electrical wiring
  • It’s possible that anything is interfering with the circuit.

Solution to Ford 6610 PTO Problems

Solution to Ford 6610 PTO Problems

The PTO Clutch Isn’t Getting Disengage

If your PTO clutch isn’t working and you’re not sure why then one possibility is it doesn’t have enough voltage to operate. Locate the clutch gear assembly and consult your instruction booklet to see where your machine’s battery is. Use a voltmeter to check power once that’s been found. Your voltmeter should read at least 12.5 volts; anything less will require charging.

The PTO grinds away but refuses to engage

There’s really hardly anything you can do to change it from the outside in this scenario. This is an issue that usually necessitates the replacement of your clutch pack. When the PTO is overloaded, the clutch pack is damaged.

This can potentially cause damage to the PTO clutching bands and driveshaft, necessitating their replacement. If you believe this is the issue, you should consult a mechanic who is familiar with your tractor.

Ford 6610 PTO Shaft Removal

Making Use of a Hammer

If the PTO shaft appears to be firmly attached to the tractor, then you can stress the problem by removing the PTO shaft with a hammer. You can use a hammer to strike the PTO shaft, but ensure to place a wood block below it. You don’t have to slam the PTO as hard as you think. Sometimes all it takes is a slight shove for it to loosen up.

Keeping the Connection Lubricated

If corrosion is the source of the PTO shaft jamming, the lubrication approach can be used. Rust will appear, particularly if the PTO units are exposed to water and are not used. It would help if you lubed the PTO shaft with plenty of lubricating oil to prevent it from becoming stuck on the tractor because of rust. You may break it out of connection this way.

Disengage the PTO Shaft with the Pry Bar

Destroying the PTO shaft component is another way to disconnect the PTO shaft from the tractor. To gain sufficient elbow room, you must first dig out the pits. Then take down the PTO shield. This isn’t difficult to accomplish. After that, you can go out and get a pry bar. Begin prying as you go about. The problem is that any resistant locking mechanism must be dismantled.

Ford 6610: Reviews and Ratings

Ford 6610: Reviews and Ratings

Despite its age, Ford’s 6610 tractor always appears to handle whatever is thrown at it without issue. It offers a lot of interesting characteristics that make it a worthy investment. The 6610 has proven to be very convenient and robust over the decades, having been used with a wood splitter in the cold, spraying when needed, harvesting with a baler, and strolling around the field with a trailer delivering feed to the cattle out on the hills.

Overall, it was a neat and efficient package, but early versions had porous automotive components, which led to oil spillage; this was a severe problem that necessitated design adjustments and the development of a heavy-duty, ribbed engine block. It is, above all, the right kind of tractor provided for fellow citizens like you!

Ford 6610 vs Ford 6600

Specs.Ford 6610Ford 6600
Engine capacity4.413 l.4.2 l.
Charging systemAlternatorGenerator
Length3683 mm3980 mm
Width1742 mm
Height2430.782769 mm
Front and Reverse gears8,48,2
Wheelbase2220 mm2250 mm
Maximum power78.5 KM (58.5 kW)77 KM (57.4 kW)
Stroke112 mm107 mm
6610 vs. 6600

FAQs on Ford 6610

Is the Ford 6610 a reliable tractor?

It’s a great small tractor with plenty of power for its stature. It is highly fuel-efficient and appears to increase power.

What is the top speed of a Ford tractor?

It also boasts the quickest road speed of all Ford tractors, clocking in at 16 mph.

What was Ford 6610’s original price?

It cost $24,500 in the year it was created.


As a result, it’s understood that having a Ford 6610 has advantages and disadvantages. However, if you work in a field requiring regular tractors, possessing one of these vehicles is necessary. As a result, you can get advice from many merchants and your intimate friends and family members before making a final decision.

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