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Ford 601 Workmaster: Its Overview, Ratings, and Sale

Ford 601 Workmaster

Ford 601 Workmaster is considered one of the most popular vehicles from the Workmaster series. It comes with a sleek design and extraordinary features, making it an ultimate vehicle for life. It is equipped with a 4-cylinder 8-valve with a liquid online engine.

It was one of the most demanding vehicles of its time due to its exterior styling and well-designed interior. However, as technology progressed, the image of the Ford 601 Workmaster was preserved. As a result, this article will provide you with the vehicle’s proper specifications, allowing you to see that your decision to buy the tractor was the right one.

General Specifications of Ford 601 Workmaster

engine4 cylinder 8V inline
transmission4-speed unsynchronized gear
firing order1-2-3-4
oil capacity5.7L
oil typeSAE 80 mild EP
weight3291 Lbs.
brakesmechanical expansion
steeringpower assist

Engine Specifications

stroke87 x 91 mm
horsepower48.4 hp
air cleaneroil bath
torque126.8 Lb.-ft (1600 rpm)
starter volts6

Power Specifications

belt32 hp
drawbar29.82 hp
PTO31.78 hp
belt33.65 hp

Ford 601 Workmaster Reviews and Ratings

Ford 601 Workmaster Reviews and Ratings

The Ford 601 Workmaster can provide you with several compelling reasons to purchase it. Above all, it gives you a fantastic 4.8/5 star average rating. It has a legal performance rating of 4.7 and a power output rating of 4.8. The tractor has been highlighted as one of the first advanced agricultural tools. The model has received high marks for efficiency and value for money in user reviews. 

The owner is generally a farmer who needs to experience a good work quality. Therefore, according to the customer reviews, the tractor has scored good ratings based on building quality, reliability, features, value, and performance. However, each of the vehicles has its pros and cons. The most prominent and acceptable feature of the vehicle is its fuel efficiency. However, on the other hand, the cons do include slow cranking with continuous use.

Ford 601 Workmaster Stuck in Gear

There are can many problems that your Ford 601 Workmaster can come across. One such very exclusive one is the resistance of the gear. However, this problem does have its solution, which will be discussed in the following few lines.

You must return the gear shift to neutral to free a stuck gear. To do so, park the tractor on level ground to avoid transmitting tension. Put your secondary gearshift in neutral if you have one.

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Troubleshooting of Ford 601 Workmaster

You’ll need your tractor to run smoothly to complete your tasks. However, various performance issues may arise, interfering with your ability to work. Recognizing what causes those issues and opportunities can help you identify the problem more quickly, allowing you to solve it more easily and quickly.

Problems with the Fuel System

Problems with the Fuel System Ford 601 Workmaster

If your tractor’s performance starts to deteriorate over time, the fuel system is most likely to blame. Check the fuel control level in the engine to see if it’s stuck, preventing the engine from receiving any fuel. To make it movable again, spray it with some lubricant.

Blades that are Dull

On tractors, blades are a common implement. Having sharp blades to cut with is essential whether you’re turning the soil in your fields or mowing your lawn. If you frequently mow or over large areas of land, you’ll probably need to sharpen your tractor’s blades at least twice a year, if not more.

Problems with the Engine

Many things will go wrong with your tractor’s engine. That’s why it’s critical to keep it quite well. Tractor spark plugs are delicate and prone to failure quickly, so check them regularly and consider replacing them as needed. The spark plugs are most likely to blame if you notice low fuel consumption, insufficient power, or a difficult start.

Difficulties with the Electrical System

When your tractor’s electrical system is malfunctioning, the most likely cause is the battery. When you notice electrical problems, always use a battery tester to see if your battery holds a charge. Look for crusty material reserves or worn wires on the posts and cables. Cleaning the battery posts should be a priority.

Ford 601 Workmaster for Sale

When talking about the sale of Ford 601 Workmaster tractors, you need to understand that there can be new and used models for the same. The used tractors might cause either high or low, depending upon the after changes that took place in its technical areas. However, a well-kept Ford 601 tractor costs around $3200 approx. This does not include any transportation costs or premium charges. The buyer needs to make the correct negotiations with the owner.

Ford 601 Workmaster Air Filter

Ford 601 Workmaster uses fabric air filters primarily. It is compatible with most oil bath air cleaners and can replace the mesh in your existing air cleaner. It measures approximately 3″ wide by 78″ long and is not suitable for dry air filters.

Ford 601 Workmaster Carburetor

This carburetor is for tractors in the Ford 601 Workmaster Series. The following variations are included:

  • 611: No PTO, Select-O-Speed
  • 621: Four-speed transmission with no PTO or 3-point clutch.
  • 631: Four-speed transmission with no PTO
  • 641: Four-speed
  • 651: Five-speed
  • 661: Live PTO with five speeds
  • 671: Select-O-Speed
  • 681: Dual-speed PTO with Select-O-Speed

The Ford EAE Red Tiger 134ci (2.2L) 4 cylinder 8-valve engines power them. However, these parts come in an affordable range in any mechanical shop—however, the approx. The price of the whole set comes under $149.

FAQs on Ford 601 Workmaster

When was the Ford 601 Workmaster manufactured?

The vehicle came to market during the years 1957 to 1962

Is there a live PTO on a Ford 601 Workmaster?

It has a live hydro system but no live PTO.

What are some of the Ford 601 tractor parts?

Some of the available parts in online and offline shops include brake adjusting hole cover, brake drum, camshaft spring, clutch disc, clutch kit (9″ or 10″), pressure blades, radiator, and its cap, and many others.

Concluding Thoughts

However old the model of Ford 601 Workmaster would be, it still holds that reputation in the market and the eyes of its users. This is because of its outstanding functionality and reliability to the money spent. Thus, if you ever had any afterthoughts about the tractor, I hope it is straightforward because you made the right decision.

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