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Ford 302 Valve Covers: Review and Significance in Racing Models

Ford 302 Valve Covers

Ford 302 valve covers is one of the important component found at the top right corner of the cylinder in Ford cars. The valve cover, also known as a slider cover, is a critical element of the motor. It’s a thick plastic element attached to the piston head’s top. A valve cover sealant seals the gap between the valve lid and the engine blockhead.

The entire system retains oil inside the motor, critical for its overall development and wellbeing. So, the importance of Ford 302 valve covers are very important in the engine’s functioning. This particular article concerns the same issue more elaborately. So, let’s start with an overview of what valve covers are and the categories included.

Ford 302 Valve Covers: Overview

The 302 is an excellent engine to have if you want something that will last a lot longer and produce a lot of power. It has a top speed of 155 mph and is powered by a 3.0-liter Ford 302 Small Block. As a result, good engine parts must operate at this speed. As a result, Ford 302 valve covers are used.

The oil spill from the top engine is a common problem in automobiles. The oil injected into the valve occasionally oozes slowly through the tank. Vehicle owners should install a high-quality valves cover in their vehicles to avoid this situation. This car part is critical in preventing oil and water leaks, as well as other pieces, from damaging the engine overhaul and engine block.

Ford 302 Valve Covers: Leak Symptoms

The valve cover sealant is responsible for creating a seal between the valve cover and the crankcase. Whenever the valve cover rubber breaks, the following issues can occur:

  • The Engine Is Running Low on Oil
  • Burning of the gas
  • Smoke invasion from the engine chamber

Ford 302 Valve Covers Replacement

The replacement of a valve cover sealant is usually a simple task. However, the valve cover may be hidden beneath other elements on some vehicles, making replacement more difficult. To find out what the work involves for your car, examine a repair handbook or repair directory. You’ll be able to determine if you want to do the repair alone or hire a pro.

Ford 302 Valve Covers Types

Stamped steel

Stamped steel valve covers are the most cost-effective for a supplier, but due to manufacturing costs, they are only possible for a very famous cylinder head. Furthermore, poor designs can be difficult to close at the sealing surface. The disadvantage seems to be that the steel is very delicate and might deform under heavy bolt torque, finding it challenging to seal these coverings at the gasket. In other words, if they are overtightened, they will leak oil.

Cast Aluminium

Covers made of cast aluminum are higher priced than those made of stamped steel. Cast covers, like stamped covers, are only possible for a maker either for a particularly popular cylinder head due to the manufacturing costs or maybe for some special featured vehicle. They’re also a tad bulkier than steel, which can be an issue on big-block engines.

Ford 302 Valve Covers with Fittings

Valve Cover Breathers

Valve cover breathers are situated in the oil-filling opening atop the valve coverings. They are available in a range of sizes and colors. The idea behind the breather is to allow more fresh air to flow downward into the engine through the valve cover. This speeds up the movement of oil vapor from the crankcase. The additional fresh air in the engine displaces the oil vapors. The list of some reliable breathers for your Ford 302 valve covers is given below.

  • Proform 302 Push-in-air breather cap
  • Proform 302 Push-in Chrome breather cap
  • Proform 302 twist-in air breather cap

Ford 302 Valve Covers and Air Cleaner Kit

A vital tip to hold on to when thinking of owning a ford 302 is to keep an Air cleaner kit. These air cleaner kits include certain other accessories for your Ford 302 Mustang, which is necessary during any replacement procedure. The Ford Air Cleaner Kit consists of the following components within it.

  • Valve Covers for Ford 302: Die-cast aluminium valve covers that are “tall” enough to pass most rolling rockers. Valve covers with whistles and oil vent grommets are sold in twos.
  • Valve Cover Accessories: Oil filler lids, valve cover exhaust caps, and press down bolts are available for Ford valve covers.
  • Air Cleaners with a 13″ Diameter: These air cleaners with a 13″ diameter fits both 2 and 4 cylinder carburetors and have a slightly elevated fuel system. A central nut with the Ford emblem is also included.
  • Oil Dipsticks: Replace your worn-out OEM dipstick tube with a Ford Air Cleaner Kit. These packages are available in chromium or with a turquoise anodized grip in chrome. Fits 302 engines. 

Ford 302 Valve Covers For Sale

These valve covers are easily available on online marketing sites. However, specific models might need professional help to replace the valve covers. However, each valve covers different model costs differently due to the company’s logo.

However, in general, a Ford 302 valve cover costs $150. However, you can also find them in pairs. At the time, the cost might differ. However, when you think of purchasing an air cleaner kit, it might cost you more, but it includes the valve covers. An average cost of an air cleaner kit with valve covers costs $200 -$300.

FAQs on Ford 302 Valve Covers

Do valve covers require a breather?

Yes, the breather is still required. The internal pressure will find some way out of the motor if there is no means to vent it, resulting in engine failure.

What happens if the valve cover gasket isn’t replaced?

Oil will seep through a minor fracture in the valve cover gasket and fall upon other engine components. It’s possible that oil has fallen into the exhausts or crankcase, leading the oil to overheat.

How much can a valve cover replacement costs?

Valve covers replacement costs of around $220 and $260 on average. Labor costs are expected to range from $170 to $210, with parts costing between $60 and $70.


Thus, this was all about Ford 302 valve covers. So, if you are a person who takes maintenance of your things very carefully, them cleaning of engine and use of valve covers with its fittings is really important. This can, in the end, result in the longevity of the model itself.

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