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Specifications that Make Ford 2810 Distinguishable

Ford 2810

When it comes to Ford, one of their most outstanding achievements is the Ford 2810 tractor, which is the most challenging and most mighty vehicle in the industry. Even though it is not developed with the most up-to-date features, its configurations make it worthwhile to own. The machine is equipped with a fixed two different ROPS cabins. It does, however, come with a 4×2 2WD wheel – drive, as well as a 6-forward and 4-reverse power transmission. Furthermore, these tractors have been in production from 1983 to 1990, with a distinct and compelling potential that will provide you with a smooth ride.

However, there are several variables to take into account before purchasing a truck. The last article will show you everything you need to understand Ford 2810 before making any decisions. For your evaluation, the model’s weaknesses and strengths are clearly stated. Finally, you’ll get a much clear grasp of the vehicle you’re buying.

Ford 2810 Specs

ford 2810 tractor

General Specifications

production Years1983-1990
place of ProductionUSA
cost16,000 USD

Exterior Specifications

When it comes to the model’s exterior appearance, it features a sleek and commensurate body in various blues. All shades of blue can be found in the Ford 2810 series, from royal blue to coral blue. Nonetheless, the proportion of the body to the rear tires qualifies it as an excellently crafted tractor.

front tiers6.00-16
rear tiers13.6-28
Rear tread56″-80″
front tread52″-80″

Mechanical Specifications

The vehicle has a good amount of working speed thanks to the combination of durable and well-designed steering, braking, and cabin working system. This part of the model, ford 2810, may require regular high-maintenance services to ensure its longevity. However, with proper use of its components, it can be used for various other purposes and for a long time.

steering system3.4 qts 3.6L
braking systemwet disc
hitch control systemdraft and position control
cabin typetwo post-fixed ROPS
wheel drive4×2 2WD
rear hitch1
rear hitch lift2936 Lbs.
lockmechanical rear

Engine Specifications

Engine torque101 lb-ft
engine torque rpm1400 rpm
fuel tank capacity49.2
oil tank capacity6.4 L
coolant capacity10.4 L
No. of cylinders3
horsepower25.6 kW
power rpm2000 rpm
compression ratio17.3:1
bore stroke4.2″x3.8″
transmission type mechanical shuttle
transmission gearsSix forward and four reverses
clutch system330 mm disc

Battery Specifications

no. of batteries1
battery voltage12 V
battery Amps51 amps
ground force (electrical)negative
charging system (electrical)alternator
charging Amps (electrical)32 amps
starter volts (electrical)12 V

PTO Specifications

claimed power23.9 kW
engine rpm1800
rear PTO systemindependent
rear PTO rpm540

Ford 2810 User Reviews

Ford 2810 User Reviews

The reviews for the ford 2810 reveal the model’s dependability and longevity. The rating statistically represents the riders’ personal experiences based on satisfaction for quality, performance, value, and reliability. On the other hand, customers had an average to a good experience, according to the majority of the reviews. Above all, the vehicle recommendation is accurate.

Some of the comments ended up justifying various experiences that suggested the machine’s overall usability. This vehicle has proven to be highly serviceable, that has plenty of strength and mass for utility work around home, lawn, driveway, and hayfields. These vehicles were way ahead of their time, and they were massively heavy and bulky. It’s difficult to believe they’re still operating, especially since many of them are in a terrible state.

Ford 2810 with Loader

This is a low-cost method of getting the most of your tractor. The loaders in the front of the Ford 2810 Tractor can give you lots a variety of benefits, including easy forward and reverse directions movement as well as faster execution. However, it provides better lever controls, and accessibility allows for easier controllability.

Ford 2810 Battery

The Ford 2810 battery can be used with a 128 AMP battery. The dimensions range under 20-1/2″ x 9″, being the most suitable. The battery and its accessories are available in a variety of sizes (color may vary). Fitments are checked with professional assistance before painting. A one-year warranty is included with all new, rebuilt, and used tractor parts.

2810 Ford Tractor Air Filter

Air filters are designed to keep debris out of the cylinders of your tractor’s engine, where it could cause structural wear and oil leakage. Depending on your vehicle, air filters should be replaced every 12,000 to 15,000 miles. Furthermore, based on your environment, you should service your air filter every 30-75 hours. Above all, replacing your air purifier almost every season is suggested for improved vehicle efficiency and functionality.

Ford 2810 Power Steering Cylinder

A compatible steering cylinder of various sizes is the Ford 2810 power steering cylinder. However, equipment with a rod diameter of 1/2″ is the most readily available and appropriate. During the planting and harvesting seasons, you are covered by a one-year warranty. Above all, a brand new Steering Cylinder will meet all OEM specifications for tractors and farm equipment.

Components of Ford 2810

Brake Components

  • Actuator assembly
  • Brake Actuator Ball
  • Brake Actuator OD
  • Brake Actuator Spring
  • Brake Friction Disc
  • Break Pedal Seal
  • Intermediate Disc
  • Friction Disc
  • Brake Rod Fork Seal

Clutch Components

  • Clutch Alignment Tool
  • Clutch Cover Assembly
  • Clutch Driven Plate
  • Clutch Overhaul kit
  • Clutch Release Bearing
  • Clutch Release Spring

Engine Components

  • Balancer Unit
  • Thrust Plate
  • Timing Hub
  • Con Rod Bolt
  • Connecting Rod
  • Conrod Bearing Set
  • Small End Bush
  • Plug
  • Collar
  • Front Gear
  • Block Dowel

Hydraulics Components

  • Control Valves
  • Hydraulic Release coupler
  • Draft Control Plunger
  • Isolator Valve
  • Hydraulic Filter
  • Hydraulic Lift Piston
  • Hydraulic Pump
  • Hydraulic Relief Valve
  • Hydraulic Safety Valve

Linkage Components

  • Hole Drawbar
  • Lower Ink Pin
  • Linkage Ball
  • Link Pin
  • Conversion Bush
  • Clevis Pin
  • Linkage Ball Retainer Pin
  • Hitch Pin
  • Levelling Box Core Plug
  • Levelling Box Fork
  • PTO Adapter
  • Split Pin
  • Swinging Drawback Pin

Tire Components

  • Innertube
  • Rib Front Tire
  • Goodyear Front Tire

Tin Components

  • Door handle
  • Front Grille
  • Gas Strut
  • Hoot Handle
  • Convex Mirrors
  • Seat Suspension (black, blue, red and yellow)
  • Tool box
  • Wind Mirror
  • Wiper Blade

Comfort and Security

The importance of comfort and security cannot be overstated when talking about the 2810 Ford Tractor. It renders a final judgment on the car’s dependability. The model aces the car market due to the convenience of the technical details. This model’s security and safety features are entirely based on high-tech arrangements. When it comes to comfort, the model never fails to deliver.

FAQs on Ford 2810

What type of fuel does a Ford 2810 tractor run on?

Diesel is the most appropriate fuel for the machine in general. This ensures proper maintenance of the engines, as well as good polishing of the tin parts.

On a Ford tractor, where is the production code?

It’s inscribed on the drive shaft housing on the right-hand of your tractor. In the drive shaft housing, look just behind the starter and above the haul nut. A series of three codes should appear.

How much does the 2810 Ford Tractor weigh?

The various series of 2810 tractors are based on the year they were discovered. On a broad scale, it weighs between 4420 and 4995 pounds.

What kind of oil does a Ford tractor use?

When operating in temperatures below ten ℉, SAE 5W should be used, SAE 10W for temperatures between 10 and 40 °, SAE 20W for temperature changes between 32 and 90 °, and SAE 30W if the temperature is expected to be consistently above 75 degrees.

Concluding Lines

The exceptional safe and comfortable features employed in the 2810 Ford are well worth the financial investment it necessitates. When it comes to lavish Ford models with reasonable budgets, this model is a great choice. Because of the sophisticated tech used in its creation, the model is well-suited to modern-day vehicles.

Contact new and old dealers via online forums to learn more about the benefits of modern Ford 2810.

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