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Ford 2000 Tractor: The Ancient Model with Modern Value

Ford 2000 Tractor

From 1962 through 1975, Ford produced the Ford 2000 Tractor in Highland Park, Michigan, a 2WD utility tractor. The first generation was produced between 1962 and 1965, and the second was from 1965 to 1975. It resembled Ford tractors from the 601 Workmaster series quite a bit. It is entirely distinct from the later 3-cylinder 2000 that took its place.

Above all this, the Ford 2000 Tractor comes with some extraordinary features which distinguish it from some other Tractors at that time. The availability of the latest engine options, gear transmission, fuel economy, and MPG makes it a known tractor till date. The value of this tractor is way more recognized nowadays than before. So, if you are interested in knowing more about this model, you have reached the right place.

How to Start a Ford 2000 Tractor?

Tractors are a very important instrument in modern farming. Thus, the features and functions to operate them need to be easy and durable enough. Ford tractors feature two gear knobs, an engine stop control, and a lever that is located next to the steering wheel to manage the throttle. However, the exact steps to turn on the Ford 2000 tractor are given below.

  • Put the hand brake on.
  • Press the engine-stop button.
  • Place the high/low shift lever in the stable position while applying pressure to the clutch pedal.
  • Half-depress the throttle control arm.
  • Until the engine engages, turn the key clockwise.

Ford 2000 Tractor: Exterior Features

Ford 2000 Tractor: Exterior Features
Length126.4 in
Width 63 in
Height79.5 in
Wheel Base75.6 in
Curb Weight6,020 lbs
Front Tires Size5.50-16
Rear Tires Size11.2-28

Ford 2000 Tractor: Engine Specifications

The following engines could be installed in the tractor:

  • Ford Gasoline Engine: Gas-powered Ford engine with 3.78 in. for the piston stroke and 4.2 in. for the cylinder bore describes a three-cylinder gasoline engine with natural aspiration. Rating for compression ratio: 8.0:1. The maximum output power of this engine was 36.0 HP.
  • Ford Diesel Engine: Ford diesel motor It is a three-cylinder diesel engine with a natural aspiration that shares many characteristics with a gasoline engine. However, there are also a lot of variations, as seen in the compression ratio (17.5:1).
Battery80Ah (gas), 128Ah (diesel)
Base Engine TypeFour-stroke, liquid-cooled, inline
Firing Order1-2-4-3
Charging SystemGenerator

Ford 2000 Tractor: Transmission and Gear

Chassis4×2 2WD
Steering typeManual or power 
BrakesDifferential mechanical expanding shoe
Transmission typeUnsynchronized gear with dry disc clutch
Gears12 forward and three reverse
Transmission oil capacity6.6 L 

Ford 2000 Tractor: Fuel Economy

Fuel typeDiesel/Gasoline
Fuel tank capacity49.2 liters
Max Towing Capacity
Max Payload Capacity

Ford 2000 Tractor: Attachments

Ford 2000 Tractor: Attachments

There were two types of attachments available in relation to the Ford 2000 Tractor, which helped in the working of the tractor. To arrange it for shipping, a truck loader loads the goods onto a pallet. There are mostly two types of loader added as attachments on the Ford 2000. The specifications of both of them are compared below.

Loader weight815 lbs1054 lbs
Height97 inches100 inches
Lift to full height1800 lbs2500 lbs
Bucket width60 inches60 inches
dumped bucket33 inches40 inches

Ford 2000 Tractor vs. Ford 3000 Tractor

Ford tractors are not only the most reliable and efficient kind of ford models but have still been used in most parts of the world. These tractors are mostly used in farming and are still being sold as second-hand models. Here is a brief comparison of the model 2000 tractor vs. the 3000 tractors.

Year of manufacturing1962-19651965-1970
Maximum Power26.8 kw35kw
Torque Power2000 rpm2100 rpm
Fuel TypeDiesel/GasolineDiesel
Battery VoltageNA12V

Ford 2000 Tractor: Carburetor

Carburetors initiate the process of inflow of air in the main bore of the engines. This helps provide good internal combustion for your engine for its proper and efficient working. These carburetors are easily available in online stores and even in nearby mechanical stores.

Although Ford 2000 Tractor is an antique model in the series of Ford models, it can be fixed with recent carburetors for more efficient working of the tractors. The cost of carburetors might differ as per the model name and its year of service in the market. As of recently, it falls under the price range of $480 -$600.

However, these can be some of the signs which help in identifying the symptoms of Carburetors:

  • Reduced Engine Performance
  • A dark exhaust haze
  • Engine overheats or backfires
  • Starting Challenge

Ford 2000 Tractor: Parts

Ford 2000 Tractor: Parts

The Ford 2000 tractor comes with an extensive selection of high-quality components, such as engine kits, emission manifolds and suppressors, fuel pumps, water pumps, heaters, track rod ends, motor drives, alternators, shift discs, brake discs, brake cylinders, wheels and tires, and hydraulic pumps P.T.O. shafts, top links, drawbars, linking arms, hitch pins, filter kits, lights, and L.E.D. Light kits.

However, you can find these particular mentioned parts in different categories. These categories are divided as below:

  • Heating and Cooling
  • Engine and Steering
  • Transmission and P.T.O.
  • Clutch and Brake
  • Electrical Components
  • Hydraulic and Axle
  • Body and Finishes

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.s)

Is a Ford 2000 a Good Tractor?

They are excellent tractors, no doubt, but upkeep is essential, and finding parts can be difficult whether you’re maintaining one or repairing one.

Does Ford 2000 Tractor have Live P.T.O.?

Both early four-cylinder Ford 2000 tractors and later three-cylinder models were offered with or without live P.T.O.

Does a Ford 2000 Tractor has Power Steering?

Only “power-assist” power steering systems are available for Ford tractors. For standard steering functions, they function properly.

What will be the range for the Ford 2000 Tractor voltage stabilizer?

Ford 2000 tractor voltage falls in the category of 12v-15v range.

What is the tire pressure for Ford 2000 tractor?

Generally, the most favorable psi for tires is 30 psi.

What is the ford 2000 tractor lift capacity?

The Ford 2000 Tractor lift capacity is 478kgs.


The Ford 2000 Tractor is far from flawless when used for everyday road driving. Thus, we advise you to exercise caution. This unique car has many different personalities. As a result, these are well-deserved because they combine outstanding, durable technology with traditional manufacturing processes.

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