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Know Everything About Reliable Ford 1710 Tractor

Ford 1710

The ford 1710 is one of the most capable tractors in today’s era as it possesses not only the traditional bull-like energy to get your fieldwork done. Also, it has an advanced system of technology that facilitates the best response to command and even to trace the completion of work. To enjoy the privileges of using the tractor, you will have to learn a little about the tractor in itself. The best thing about the model is yet to be disclosed, keep reading more.

The model is manufactured in Japan and delivered to Ford by Shibaura. The model is capable of taking regular workload with efficient fuel technology and advanced attachment flexibility. Here you will learn about the model in theory and technicalities. It is structurally and technically an easy-to-handle tractor, unlike any of the other regular tractor models. This article will help you make the ultimate decision on whether to purchase ford 1710 or not. 

Ford 1710 Specs

Ford 1710 Specs

The tractor owns a three-cylinder engine that helps it produces the appropriate energy required for field works. It takes care of every maintenance your land requires. All the specification of the model is structured for heavy fieldwork. Hence, it is actively involved in all the professional fieldwork with the best fuel efficiency. The secret of its qualitative performance delivery is the hydraulic efficiency and 4WD power drive. The mid-size tractor is indeed one of its unique kind!

Engine (net) 26hp/19.4 kW
FUEL: Capacity 7.7 gal (29.1L)
HYDRAULIC: Capacity 4.75 gal (18L)

Moreover, the tractor seeks less maintenance and attention of the drivers in comparison to any other. The advanced features of the tractor help the owners to trace their habitual work done. A punch of modernity sure has its own peculiar effect on a traditional field tractor. Not just features but also the appearance of this tractor is polished and refined. Deciding on a tractor purchase can sometimes get hectic. And to help you out further, below are the technical information about the model.

Chassis 4×2 2WD
4×4 MFWD 4WD
Final DriveSpur Gear
Differential Lock Mechanical Rear
2WD SteeringManual
4WD SteeringPower
BrakesDifferential Drum
Mechanical Drum
CabsTwo-post fixed ROPS.
Transmission12-speed unsynchronized gear
12-speed partially synchronized gear

2WD Standard Tires
4WD Standard Tires
Lawn/Turf Front
Lawn/Turf Rear

Front: 5.00-15. Rear: 11.2-24
Front: 6.00-16. Rear: 11.2-24
23×8.50-12 (2WD), 27×8.50-15 (4WD)
Ground Clearance
2WD Front Thread
4WD Front Thread
Rear Thread

63 inches (160cm)
117.5 inches (298cm)
54.7 inches (138cm)
13.9 inches (35cm)
43.5 to 57.5 inches (110-147cm)
45.3 inches (115cm)
43.3 to 58.7 inches (109-149cm)
2WD-Steering Wheel
4WD-Steering Wheel

57.3 inches (145cm)
57.9 inches (147cm)
73.3 inches (186cm)
74.5 inches (189cm)
84.8 inches (215cm)

2470 lbs (1120Kg)
2690 lbs (1220Kg)

The tractor users never wish to buy any other because working with this model is satisfying and fulfilling. The best thing about this model is that it serves the high quality of output at affordable investment prices. The flexibility in facilitating various field tool adjustments has always been the best attraction. You can do any troublesome fieldwork with the tractor and enjoy its speed and efficiency at any time. The longevity of the tractor is a bonus to all the specifications it possesses.

Ford 1710 Tractor Reviews

Ford 1710 Tractor Reviews

The ford 1710 can give you many reasons to purchase it. More than anything, it gives you an excellent 4.8/5 star average rating. It has received a legal rating of 4.7 on performance and 4.8 on power output. The hydraulic cooling technology has highlighted the tractor and claimed it as one of the first advanced tools used in agricultural purposes.

✔️ Easy To Work With Slow Hydraulics
✔️ Parts Are Available Easily No Live PTO
✔️ ManeuverableO-Ring Needs Replacement Often
✔️ Good Power Output Low Road Gear
✔️ Multi-Purpose UtilitySmall In Size
PROs And CONs Of The Tractor

Ford 1710 Attachment Parts

The ford 1710 attachment holds the ability to make the tractor more efficient for agricultural activities. These attachments can be easily reassembled and cleaned. Also, they are easy to replace when wearing off or suffers rusting. You can also change the seat materials if they get worn out. Changing the interior and exterior materials of this tractor is not a big deal. You can do this without taking any help from professionals. Below is the list of attachments used to improve the productivity of the tractor.


This tractor helps to load the material that needs to be taken around the field or carried away from the farm. This component barely weighs between 200-300Kg. The best compatible loaders with this tractor must have a height between 200-220Cm. The bucket width can vary depending upon what kind of loader you seek.


The mower only helps the owner mow the field, and with the help of the tractor, the work time reduces by more than ten folds. This component comprises light weighing blades of around 150Cm. The better quality of blades you employ, the better mowing results are procured. In agricultural fields, mowing is a bare necessity that one must take seriously.

Snow Blower

Snow Blower Ford 1710

Often owners tend to oversee the importance of a snow-blower. It comes back to them when they experience heavy snowing in their region in winter. It does not matter if you are farming commercially or personally or your field surely needs a snow-blower to keep the plants safe and healthy. The combination of a snow-blower and the ford tractor is immensely beneficial.


The backhoe solves the most troublesome aspect of farmlands. It helps the farmers dig and loosen the soil properly to sow seeds. You can get the backhoe attached to the tractor properly to get lengthy and time-consuming work of soil preparation done within a few hours. The digging depth of this component is usually 194Cm into the ground.

FAQs Related To Ford 1710

What year is a 1710 Ford tractor?

It was produced highly in the initial years of 1983-1986. Even today, the production is actively providing premium quality machines for the farmers at affordable rates.

How do you start a Ford 1710 tractor?

Starting a ford 1710 tractor:
1)First step is to engage the hand brake
2)Press the engine stop controller
3)Step the clutch pedal and pull the gear to the neutral position
4)Pull the throttle control arm halfway
5)Engage the engine by turning the key clockwise

How much oil does a Ford 1710 tractor hold?

The model holds around 5-6 quarts of oil.

Final Words

The ford 1710 tractor attachments improve its performance to ten folds. The compatible attachments are available online on a trusted and expert part selling sites for $500 or less. On the other hand, the tractors are available for under $10,000 in the market. There are two types of deals that you can approach while purchasing a tractor, you can go for the used car dealers. Also, you can buy a brand new model from the official Ford tractor showrooms.

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