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Ford 1600: Its Overview, Specifications, and Present Value

Ford 1600

The Ford 1600 is a 1976 utility tractor that may provide you with an incredible drive on your farm or home. It has a diesel engine and optional-wheel drive as a possibility. The tractor’s overall appearance can be regarded as ‘exquisite.’

This vehicle can move and transport great products from one location to another. It is simple to use and learn while in operation. Its diesel power, on the other hand, is efficient and cost-effective. On the other hand, this article will go over the Ford 1600 in great detail, giving you a good sense of the model’s characteristics. This will also aid you in your decision-making process over whether or not to purchase.

Ford 1600: Overview

Engine TypeDiesel
Drive TypeManual
Combined MPG
TransmissionFour-stroke, liquid-cooled, inline

Ford 1600: Engine

Ford 1600: Engine
Engine modelShibaura LE892
Hydraulic capacity2.6 the US. gal
Fuel typeDiesel
Displacement1.3 L (77.6 cu·in)
Oil capacity:2WD: 5.3 US. qt
4WD: 4.23 US. qt
Bore and stroke3.54 in X 3.94 in
Coolant capacity:5.6 US. qt
Compression ratio21.0:1
Fuel tank capacity5.8 US gal
Horsepower23.1 HP @ 2,500 rpm

Ford 1600: Exterior

Ford 1600 Exterior
Length2WD: 100 in.
4WD: 102 in.
Height (hood)54.3 in
Ground clearance2WD: 13.8 in.
4WD: 13 in.
Wheelbase2WD: 62.6 in.
4WD: 66.1 in.
Weight (shipping)2WD: 2,293 lbs.
4WD: 2,491 lbs.
Lift capacity1,700 lbs.
Cabin typeOpen operator station 
Front tread43 to 60 in.
Rear tread48 to 60 in.

Ford 1600: Transmission

Chassis 2WD: 4×2
Transmission typeGear type with dry disc clutch
Steering typeManual
Gears9 FWD and 3 REV
BrakesDifferential mechanical expanding shoe
SpeedForward: 8.7 mph
Reverse: 7.2 mph
Differential lockMechanical rear

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Ford 1600 with Loader

Ford 1600 with Loader

A front loader tractor is a heavy vehicle used to collect trash and remove waste. A front loader fitted to a Ford 1600, on the other hand, can perform the same tasks as a commercial vehicle. This facilitates and speeds up the loading and docking of products. The loader assembly can be put on the vehicle entirely or as a temporary accessory.

Alternative devices or instruments, such as forks or a hydraulic actuators bucket, can be used in place of the bucket. Front-loaders are also great for snow clearing because they may be used as a snowplow or as a container. They can clear snow from roadways, roads, and even storage lots. Most loaders, unlike bulldozers, are wheeled.

Most forklifts, unlike bulldozers, are motorized rather than tracked. The rims will give better mobility and acceleration while causing less harm to the road network than tracks, however, at the price of diminished traction. The attachment of front loaders in Ford 1600 has many advantages.

  • Increasing the Effectiveness of Your Loading
  • Using On-Board Scales to Increase Loading Efficiency

Ford 1600 Alternator

An alternator is an electromagnetic machine that turns mechanical energy into ac power electrical energy. When it comes to the alternator for the Ford 1600, it has a bunch of great characteristics that help the tractor run smoothly. It has a 12V power supply and an ER regulator.

The alternator rotates clockwise and has a 35 amp amperage. However, Shibaura by Ford is the only company that makes this product. Among other features, it comes in various colors, i.e., grey and black. The cost of alternators for Ford’s tractors is generally high up to $150 approx. But, with regular maintenance of the product, you can increase the longevity of the same.

Ford 1600 Tractor Problems

There could be a slew of issues with such a beneficial tractor. Furthermore, similar problems may arise in the hydraulic chamber or during oil changes. So, let’s have a look at some of these concerns.

Hydraulic Problems

Hydraulic system failure frequently results in a progressive or rapid depressurization or flow, leading to energy loss. Any of the system parts could be malfunctioning. However, some of the symptoms that have been observed are listed below.

  • The tractor is not working.
  • The tractor is sluggish and unpredictable.
  • Pump makes a lot of noise
  • Leaking pump

However, in this case, you should always follow the manual. You should use the right kind of oil mentioned for the specific motor or part. Thus, this will lead to the smooth functioning of the tractor for more extended period without causing any symptoms.

Electrical Problems

The battery charge is to blame for a lot of electrical problems. A depleted battery is common when your vehicle rests for a week or two without being utilized. All you have to do is somehow recharge the batteries to get them to function like new again. It’s also a good idea to look over the posts and wires for signs of corrosion or materials deposits. Cleaning the tractors regularly can help to avoid electrical problems to some measure.

System of Fuel

When you see your car’s efficiency slowly diminishing, it’s likely due to a fuel system problem. Low fuel flow is a typical result of the issues with your fuel system, which reduces the strength and efficacy of your tractor and its tools. As a result, performance level suffers. All you need to do is sprinkle some lubricant in some circumstances, and everything will usually work again.

Where to Buy ford 1600?

Nowadays, there are many retailers and second hands sellers who conduct auctions for the vehicles. The second option, where you can look for Ford 1600, is the online marketing sites. Here, people upload advertisements for the cost and the duration of the tractor with all the essential information to help you.

However, you can also contact a knowledgeable retailer or a company if they could help you in your quest to find the right kind of Ford 1600.

FAQs on Ford 1600

What is a Ford 1600 Tractor worth in 2022?

At present, the value of 70’s Ford 1600 is higher due to its antique property. However, the price can extend from $3000 to $5000.

When did the Ford 1600 tractor go into production?

The Ford 1600 started in the year 1976 and ended in 1979.

What is a Ford 1600 tractor’s horsepower?

Its horsepower is 23 hp @2500 rpm.


So, it is understandable that owning a Ford 1600 has its pros and cons. However, if you are a professional who can lead to the use of tractors to a reasonable extent, owning one of these vehicles is a must. Thus, you can ask for recommendations from different sellers and your close friends and relatives on the matter before finally purchasing it.

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