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The Ultimate Guide to Chevrolet Order Tracking

Chevrolet Order Tracking

You have come to the right spot if you recently ordered a new Chevrolet and want help with Chevrolet order tracking. Fortunately, Chevrolet provides a straightforward and practical order tracking system that enables you to keep track of the progress of your vehicle purchase at every stage. This article will walk you through the processes of tracking your Chevrolet order and offer some advice to help you get your new car on time.

For Chevrolet order tracking, many areas are focused on getting the status of the product. Deal contacts or manufacturer details can play a crucial role in detecting the track order. However, more detailed versions of other options are well-descriptively written in the next few sections of the blog.

Chevrolet Order Tracking system

There are several methods available for tracking your Chevrolet order, and the procedure is fairly straightforward. These are the most typical techniques:

Use the Chevrolet Order Tracking Website

Utilizing the Chevrolet Order Tracking website is the simplest method to keep track of your order for a Chevrolet. The next stage is to go to the Chevrolet Order Tracking website once you have your order number. From the time your order is made until the time it is delivered to your dealership, you can use this website to monitor the development of your vehicle order in real-time.

Contact Your Chevrolet Dealer

You can get in touch with your Chevrolet dealer if you would rather discuss your order immediately. The state of your vehicle’s production, the anticipated delivery date, and any other pertinent information can all be updated by your dealer. Simply phone or email your dealer and let them know your order number. After that, they will be able to locate your purchase and give you the details you require.

Make use of the Chevrolet Owner Center

If you have already received your Chevrolet car, you can monitor its service history, make service appointments, and more using the Chevrolet Owner Center. You must register for an account with your vehicle’s VIN number in order to access the Owner Center.

What Information Do You Need to Track Your Chevrolet Order?

You will need to have a few pieces of basic information available in order to track your Chevrolet order. The most crucial details you require are listed below:

Order Number

An individual identification code known as the order number is given to you at the moment of purchase. Normally, it appears in the purchase confirmation document. To track your Chevrolet purchase using the order tracking system, you will need this number.

Zip Code

The zip code is the postal code connected to the location where your new Chevrolet will be delivered. These particulars are required to track your purchase online.

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

A Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), a special number used to identify your car, is provided to you when you buy a Chevrolet. Your car’s year, make, model, engine capacity, and other vital details are all contained in the VIN. The VIN is usually found on the dashboard next to the windshield on the driver’s side.

How to Use the Chevrolet Order Tracking System?

The Chevrolet Order Tracking System allows you to keep tabs on the status of a new Chevrolet order. The steps for using the tracking system are listed below.

  • Step 1: Find your order number
  • Step 2: Visit the Chevrolet Order Tracking website
  • Step 3: Track your order

Using the Chevrolet Order Tracking System will make you feel more at ease and informed while placing an order for a new Chevrolet vehicle.

Chevrolet Order Tracking Codes

Chevrolet order tracking codes are special numbers given to each order for a car. Customers can follow the status of their car order using these codes, from when it is submitted to the dealership until the vehicle is delivered. Chevrolet uses the codes to inform customers of the status of their orders, including any delays or modifications to the delivery date.

Types of Chevrolet Order Tracking Codes

  • 1100 – Order Placed: This code signifies that Chevrolet has accepted your purchase and is currently processing it.
  • 2000 – Order Accepted by Production Control: This code denotes that the production control staff has approved your order and is scheduling it for production.
  • 2500 – Order Preference: This code denotes that your order has been prioritized for production, and the assembly is pending.
  • 3400 – Order Broadcast: This code denotes that your car has been given a production sequence number and is currently undergoing manufacturing.
  • 3800 – Order Produced: This code means that your car has been built and is prepared to be delivered to the dealership.
  • 4000 – Vehicle Available to Ship: The code denotes that your car is awaiting delivery to the dealership.
  • 4200 – Vehicle Shipped: This number denotes that your car is sent away from the manufacturer to the dealership.
  • 5000 – Vehicle Delivered to Dealer: This number denotes that the delivery of your car to the dealership has occurred.
  • 6000 – Vehicle Delivered to Customer: This code signifies that you have received delivery of your car.

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Other Methods to Track Your Chevrolet Order

Chevrolet Owner Center

You can track your order online, view important updates and contact your dealer by signing up for the Chevy Owner Center.

Chevrolet Chat

The Chevrolet website also has a chat tool that allows you to communicate with a professional who can update you on the status of your order.

MyChevrolet Mobile App

Another option to follow your order while on the go is through the MyChevrolet smartphone app. You are able to watch real-time updates and get push notifications for any alterations to the status of your order.

FAQs on Chevrolet Order Tracking

How long does it take to receive my Chevrolet vehicle order?

Delivery times for Chevrolet vehicle orders vary based on the model, options, and production schedules. Your Chevrolet dealer can provide you with an estimated delivery date based on your order information.

What should I do if there is a delay with my Chevrolet vehicle order?

If there is a delay with your Chevrolet vehicle order, contact your Chevrolet dealer for information about the cause of the delay and an updated delivery date.

Can I make changes to my Chevrolet vehicle order after it is submitted?

It may be possible to make changes to your Chevrolet vehicle order after it is submitted, but it depends on the status of your order.

Can I cancel my Chevrolet vehicle order?

Yes, you can cancel your Chevrolet vehicle order, but there may be fees or penalties associated with canceling, depending on the status of your order.


The Chevrolet Order Tracking website makes it simple and handy to keep track of your vehicle order. However, you may choose any of the other options listed before. You can keep track of the development of your vehicle by following the instructions provided in this piece and bearing these useful suggestions in mind.

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