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Not The Best, But Reliable 2015 Ford Transit Connect

2015 ford transit connect

What makes the 2015 ford transit connect one of the modest campervans? Believe it or not, even though the abruptly structured appearance of the model makes you hesitate the purchase, it is that abrupt rectangular structure that allows a bigger backspace to the vehicle. Interesting, is not it? The backspace facilitates enough space to carry a bunch of necessary luggage for a camp. It naturally becomes one of the most affordable vans.

In this article, you will be introduced to the 2015 ford transit connect van in multiple limelights on its different versions and with a complete background view on each. The information will help you decide if the vehicle will be an asset or a liability. Buying an automobile is one of the most dilemmatic phases of life. Rely on expert guidance to select the best model and filter it through the experienced reviews for pocketing a healthy financial deal. 

2015 Ford Transit Connect Specs

2015 Ford Transit Connect Specs


The interior has a spacious cargo style. The interior has a spacious cargo style. It bears qualitative interior functionalities along with premium quality safety features. The employment of minute differences in trim and grade makes the model earn deserved attention. The bouncy ride offered by the modern model might not be appreciable for many. However, the changes are mostly made upon the exterior of the model to facilitate a better riding experience. The recalls help the model perform better.


No matter how unattractive of a look the model portrays. It is considered one of the most used and highly reliable camper vans. The rectangular shape of its back gives it a brilliant cargo space with low loading convenient floor and height in the drive. The rear mirror arrangements and body alignments are to serve the best-required functionality to the laborers and tradespeople. Overall, it poses as an excellent choice among the best affordable vans available today.

Special features

Special features transit connect ford

Some of the unique or reliable features of the model are, its efficiency to carry 7 passengers, its commercial functionality, the four-cylinder turbocharged engine availability. And front when drive-train ability with 6-speed automatic transmission. The van serves to the heavy expectation of traders and transporters. The color variant of this model is not spread in a wide spectrum. However, color variants are available are similarly either darker in appearance or light and soothing. It is a good cargo van deal when all you need is a travel companion.

2015 Ford Transit Connect Trim Comparison

There are three trims available in this model series. These are typically XL, XLT, and Titanium. With all of this variety in color and premium quality of manufacturing, the products used in this are well refined and therefore, it makes them vary in price and quality. Among all the rest titanium variant is the most demanded in the market. Not just for its polished look but for the technical advantages.

Here are the respective prices of the 2015 ford transit connect:

  • 2015 Ford Transit Connect Titanium: $29,185
  • 2015 Ford Transit Connect XLT: $22,330-$28,185
  • 2015 Ford Transit Connect XL: $23,855-$26,710

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2015 Ford Transit Connect Problems

2015 Ford Transit Connect Problems

There are some of the most common problems faced by the users. You need to stay alert and face it upfront to be capable of dealing with this van in the worse times. The complaints received from the experienced users are constructively acknowledged by the brand. The brand has made required changes to reduce the problems during the recalls. To stay alert to the situations, you will need to refer to possible problems you might face.

Here are some of the problems with ford transit connect produced in 2015-17:

  • Tyres suffer wear and tear, buldge, and threads related for misalignment.
  • Load areas oftehn suffer scrapping and denting with little pressure
  • Rusting in wheel archs and under the hood
  • Door handles and radio problems are common
  • Brakes gives out noise and feels rough when pressed
  • Flickering and fimming lights due to electrical problems
  • Transmission issues are serious engine problems

2015 Ford Transit Connect Reviews

The model is averagely rated, by the discovery of tendencies to the issues mentioned above makes it not worthy of reliability. However, if you are seeking for just a van to run, then you are proceeding correctly. Which has capable features and suitable performance to get through the daily struggles of separately carrying an excess extra load, then this is the right choice that will perfectly suit your finance. You will need to learn how to tackle the problems beforehand and stay prepared to face them.

✔️ Fantastic Fuel-efficiency Poor Sliding Doors
✔️ Many Configurations Available Electrical Problems
✔️ Impressive Towing CapacityNo Special Driver-Friendly Features
✔️ Quality Stereo SystemBasic Convenient Materials Found Defective
✔️ ComfortableRequires A Lot Of Maintenance
PROs And CONs Of The Model

FAQs Related To 2015 Ford Transit Connect

How do you reset the oil light/service light on a 2015 Ford Transit?

The problem of service light or oil light reset is one of the most common problems of the model. Here are the quick-to-solve steps you can follow to get the van started again. All the best!
1)Keep the ignition keep off, and close doors.
2)Push the ‘Start button and let it stay for a few seconds.
3)Press the brake and accelerator pedals together for 20 seconds.
4)Leave when the ‘Service Setting’ option flashes.
5)Turn off your engine and wait for two minutes.
6)Start the car and check for the ‘Reset Complete’ message to flash up.

Where is the battery on a 2015 Ford Transit?

The battery is located beneath the front seat in a ford transit connect 350. You might need to keep it alive by replacing it every 15,000-16,000 miles as it often dies out in this duration.

Does 2015 Ford Transit Connect have transmission problems?

Yes, all models of 2015-2017 ford transit transmission issues are officially acknowledged by the brand. The remedy to this problem is the reconstruction wheelbases concerning the size and chassis cab adjustment with cut-away bodies.

Is the 2015 Ford Transit Connect timing belt or chain?

The ford transit connects made in 2015 posses a timing cambelt which is often recommended to change within 10,000 miles.

Why is the 2015 ford transit connect not starting?

The main reason behind this problem might be your battery level, or if it is turning over yet do not respond to the start command then it might be your engine not being able to process combustion due to lack of fuel transfer.

What is the 2015 ford transit connect towing capacity?

The towing capacity of the ford transit connect is around 2,000 lbs which are approximately 907 kg.

Why is the 2015 ford transit connect radio not working?

The radio component of the vehicle is solely dependent on the electrical fuse. If you detect any issue with the radio, it is because you might be suffering from fuse problems in your car.

What is the difference between a 2015 Ford Transit Connect XL and XLT?

1) Vinyl upholstery is provided by XL trim, while XLT trim offers cloth and premium quality carpeting.
2)The XL provides basic AM/FM stereo with 4-speakers, while XLT provides upgraded informatics.
3)There are more
4)The XL is more pocket-friendly, while XLT provides better comfort.

Final Words

The 2015 ford transit connect may not be one of the best vans available, but it is one of the most affordable vans you would ever come across. It is often the mostly bought vans that provide a versatile interior and high level of functionality recommended, due to which it gets highly recommended for the tradesperson occupations. You can boost up your delivery performance to ten folds with this vehicle if you belong to the travel and transport sector of service. 

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