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2014 Ford Flex: The Most Affordable Aesthetically Desired Family SUV

2014 Ford Flex

A three-row SUV with a capacity for six or seven people is the 2014 Ford Flex. It provides for busy families’ needs while maintaining style. Its interior is well-designed and roomy. It has comfortable seats, a fridge, and additional features like flip seats for camping on game day. It is also quiet inside and enjoyable to drive.

Our unbridled enthusiasm stems from the 2014 Ford Flex with its spacious and pleasant interior, which includes third-row accommodation suitable for adults, a well-balanced ride and maneuverability, and a large range of choices, including a potent turbocharged powertrain. SE, SEL, and Limited are the 3 trim levels available.

2014 Ford Flex: Interior and Exterior Features

There’s also the Flex’s distinctive appearance, which has a vibe of an old-fashioned wagon that’s both contemporary and nostalgic. However, even if you don’t like the rectilinear design look, this Ford’s inherent practicality, adaptability, and a plethora of helpful high-tech gadgets cannot be disputed. Some of its extravagant color combinations include ranges of deep impact blue, ginger ale, ingot silver, Kodiak brown, mineral gray, ruby red, tuxedo black, white platinum, and white suede.

Length201.8 in.
Overall Width Without Mirrors75.9 in.
Height68.0 in.
Wheel Base117.9 in.
Seating Capacity7
Curb Weight4,471 lbs.
Tires TypeP235/60R T tires
Tires Size17 in. 

Because of its abundance of natural fibers and appealing, premium design, we generally prefer the Flex’s interior. Seven passengers may sit comfortably because of the roomy layout, which is comparable to minivan seating. Indeed the third row is usable by adults and spacious enough.

Front Head Room41.8 in.
Front Shoulder Room58.4 in.
Front Hip Room55.5 in.
Front Leg Room40.8 in.
Rear Head Room40.5 in.
Rear Shoulder Room58.1 in.
Rear Hip Room55.0 in.
Rear Leg Room44.3 in.

The Flex’s driving stance provides excellent peripheral vision. Its cabin has a clean style and is quiet even at freeway speeds.

2014 Ford Flex: Engine and Performance

2014 Ford Flex Performance

The 2014 Ford Flex has a favorable performance rating for its smooth, pleasant ride, respectable fuel efficiency, and strong engine options. Flex has a favorable performance rating for its smooth, pleasant ride, respectable fuel efficiency, and strong engine options.

Base Engine TypeGas
Base Engine Size3.5 L
Horsepower287 hp @ 6,500 rpm
Torque254 lb.-ft @ 4,000 rpm
Drive TypeFront-wheel drive
Transmission6-speed shiftable automatic

The standard V6 engine in the 2014 Ford Flex is suitable for a car of its size and has enough oomph to keep up with rival crossovers. The Flex’s well-rounded characteristics are enhanced by unusually quick steering that makes parking simple and offers exceptional steadiness on the open highway. The Flex is simple to drive and has excellent outside visibility.

2014 Ford Flex: AWD

Only all-wheel-drive and a 6-speed automatic transmission with a manual gearbox placed on the steering wheel are used with this powertrain. The most recent Flex test with EcoBoost reached 60 mph in under 6.6 seconds. Both a 6-speed automatic transmission and the front drive are conventional.

2014 Flex transmission’s ultimate lifespan mostly hinges on how effectively it was handled. Factory design problems and how aggressively you drive both play a role in this scenario. However, the Ford Flex transmission typically lasts between 130,000 and 80,000 miles.

2014 Ford Flex: Fuel Economy and MPG

The Flex’s base V6 can accelerate the vehicle fast and achieves a respectable fuel efficiency of 18 mpg in the town and 25 mpg on the interstate (17/23 mpg with AWD). However, the EcoBoost V6 feels much more powerful, and you’ll only lose 1 mpg in the city at the gas station.

Fuel typeRegular unleaded
Fuel tank capacity18.6 gal.
Max Towing Capacity4,500 lbs.
Max Payload Capacity5970 lbs.

The Flex feels surprisingly nimble for its size because of the powerful stopping power of the brakes and the quick steering. 4.500 pounds can be towable with the Flex when properly outfitted.

2014 Ford Flex: Audio Control Module

There are 2 distinct infotainment systems for the Flex. A 4.2-inch monitor that shows the radios, CD player, Bluetooth, and SYNC language control features is standard on base models. An 8-inch touch screen is available on the Flex SEL and Limited SUVs (MyFord Touch).

The SYNC system functions effectively and enables users to use voice commands to make calls, play music, or establish navigational locations.

2014 Ford Flex: Alternator

Alternators, a specific type of electric generator, are used in modern cars to operate the power wiring while the engine is operating and recharge the battery. Among the warning indications of an alternator in need of repair are:

  • Battery failure
  • Regular Stalling
  • Gurgling sounds

The best course of action is typically to replace the alternator with a new one. The normal price range for a Ford Flex alternator replacement is $200 to $350.

2014 Ford Flex: Fuse Box and Pump Replacement

These SUVs’ fuel pump management units would abruptly malfunction, raising the possibility of a collision. The fuel tank will be unable to provide the engines with the right amount of gasoline if this module malfunctions. Because of inadequate fuel pressure, a malfunctioning fuel pump central controller may even make it challenging to start the engine.

on the other hand, the fuse helps control the electrical functioning of the engine. Thus, the inability for the fuse box might be seen through symptoms; strange sounds, improper smell, and unable to switch on the car. However, at this stage, you should definitely consider replacing the fuse box of the car.

Ford Flex fuel pressure replacements typically cost between $1,172 and $1,326. Between $110 and $140 may be spent on parts and labor to repair an automotive fuse. In addition, certain additional labor costs could be added as a cost.

2014 Ford Flex: A/C Repair and Air Filter

Most often when an AC repair procedure is required for effective AC duct cleaning. This can also necessitate replacing some components or fixing the air vents. Additionally, it entails cleaning or replacing the air filters, which keep insects, dirt, particles, gravel, and other material out of the engine.

The whole AC compressor replacement often costs around $1,500. However, the price could range from $800 to $3,000 depending on the dimensions of the device and a few other considerations. Depending on the kind of filter required, engine air filters commonly range in price from $20 to $45, while passenger air filters typically cost between $15 and $35.

2014 Ford Flex: Problems

2014 Ford Flex Alarm Keeps Going Off

Your auto alarm may repeatedly sound for a number of reasons, including defective sensors, a low battery, wiring issues, and a damaged key fob. Unevenly locked doors are another potential source. While most problems may be resolved with an indicator or ECU reset, others may need professional assistance.

2014 Ford Flex AC not Working

A coolant leak, an electronic climate control malfunction, or a fault with the air – conditioning system compressor are the three most frequent causes of a Ford Flex air conditioner not working. Before the air conditioner quits blowing cold, you might not be aware that there is a refrigerant leak. While these may be the easiest to identify reasons why your car’s air conditioning isn’t working, other potential causes include a dirty cockpit filter or a worn belt.

2014 Ford Flex Backup Camera not Working

As reverse cameras stay close to the surface and can quickly come into touch with dust, rainfall, or mud, it is most probably triggered by debris on the eyepiece. It’s probably all you need to do to improve visibility if the camera feeds itself seems to be normal, without any latency or signal problems. A loose electrical component, such as a circuit or cable, may be the cause of the problem if resetting the camera, display, or car doesn’t fix it, and the problem appears to occur suddenly or arbitrarily.

2014 Ford Flex Dual Climate Control Problems

A temperature control system issue could be caused by a number of things, just like any other electronic cord in your car. Inadequate coolant in the motor, faulty vents, a damaged interior temperature probe, worn-out fan motors, deteriorated fan relays, and a methane fuel leak. This is typically an easy remedy. Release both buttons after pressing the defrost and temperature control power knobs, and then press the temperature control power button again.

2014 Ford Flex: Reviews and Ratings

2014 Ford Flex passenger Space

Based on its score in the 2014 Affordable Midsize SUVs category, the 2014 Ford Flex is ranked #9 overall. According to many sources, the Ford Flex has a rating of 8.0 out of 10.

upscale ride with high-tech componentsNormal second-row benches don’t move
a strong choice for a turbocharged engineReduced maximum load space compared to specific competitors
Large and functional cabin with actual three-row spaceThe MyFord Touch interface is sluggish and prone to errors

2014 Ford Flex: Price and Trims

SE$11,444 – $17,990
SEL$9,995 – $19,995
LIMITED$11,998 – $22,995

FAQs on the 2014 Ford Flex

What is the life expectancy of the 2014 Ford Flex?

The life span for the model might stretch to an average of 10 years, i.e., 200,000 miles or more. It merely depends on the type of maintenance provided to the vehicle as well.

Is premium fuel necessary for the Ford Flex?

Yes, flex-fuel cars can run on regular gasoline.

What is the lifespan of a Ford Flex transmission?

The Ford Flex transmission lasts between 130,000 and 180,000 kilometers on average.

Where is the 2014 Ford Flex Amplifier located?

The Flex amplifier is located on the front side of the driver seat under the dashboard.

What is the cost of a 2014 ford flex driver-side mirror replacement?

The average cost of replacing a 2014 Ford Flex driver-side mirror is $150 to $350.


The 2014 Ford Flex delivers an appealing blend of interior room, adaptability, features, and capable handling. Among spacious, seven-passenger family automobiles, it is a popular option. Despite the pleasant and recognizable interior design, the features and specs set it up to be an utterly beautiful car.

It gives the base V6 engine more power and renames the previous Titanium Appearance package to just the Aesthetics package. With the latter, you can choose between a black or chroma roof. Thus, if you are considering something with a modern yet aesthetic look and excellent performance, the 2014 Ford Flex is the most desirable choice. 

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