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1999 Ford F250: Configurations, Specifications, Present Value, and More

1999 Ford F250

1999 Ford F250 was the most demanding special utility truck to be found useful for most commercial businesses. There are 44 truck combinations available for this line, 21 of which are brand-new. For 1999, the Super Duty is offered in Regular Cab, Super Cab with four doors, Crew Cab, and Class A Motor Home Chassis variants.

1999 Ford F250 is a maneuverable silent car because of how elevated it is off the land, perhaps creating a ventilation system below, and the enormous mirrors that extend like wings out of each front doorframe. Glancing out the driver’s window makes it seem much larger. Leather upholstery, a fabric steering wheel, air conditioning, and adjustable windows are just a few of the many choices accessible to truck buyers who don’t want to sacrifice on luxury.

1999 Ford F250: Dimensions

1999 Ford F250: Dimensions
Credits: TFLnow
Length222.2 in.
Overall Width Without Mirrors80.0 in.
Height79.7 in.
Wheel Base137.0 in.
Seating Capacity6
Curb Weight3210 lbs.
Tires Type235/85R16
Tires Size33 inc.
Front Head Room41.3 in.
Front Shoulder Room68.0 in.
Front Hip Room67.4 in.
Front Leg Room40.7 in.

1999 Ford F250: Exterior Features

The revised body style for the 1999 Ford F250 includes a larger cab and an approximate length boost of 9 inches over the previous model year. Additionally, the cargo space has grown a little bit taller and longer while the wheelbase has increased by four inches. The various cabs can be made larger thanks to the expanded dimensions without sacrificing cargo space. The Super Duty maintains a secure on- and off-road feel despite its greater size. There are noticeable distinctions between them, as seen by their threatening square-jawed front ends, brawny-appearing elevated hoods, and aggressive headlamps.

1999 Ford F250: Interior Features

Long trips are more tolerable with a roomier, more pleasant cabin. It is enjoyable to drive thanks to improved suspension, better brakes, and a variety of more potent engines. They improved its intellect. A floor compartment that can hold a tablet, a fold-down headrest, and a detachable storage hanging bin that can be mounted to the dash are among the new interior amenities. The gauges are simple to read, and the controls are large and simple to reach. Seatbelt anchors that can be adjusted improve comfort and safety. It has a lot more space than the previous vehicle.

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1999 Ford F250: Colors Available

Amazon Green Clearcoat Metallic [Green]
Black Clearcoat [Black]
Bright Red Clearcoat [Red]
Dark Toreador Red Clearcoat Metallic [Red]
Deep Wedgewood Blue Clearcoat Metallic [Blue]
Harvest Gold Clearcoat Metallic [Gold]
Island Blue Clearcoat Metallic [Blue]
Oxford White Clearcoat [White]
Medium stone, Ebony (Cloth and leather)

1999 Ford F250: Engine and Options

The experts at Ford were able to rebuild and fine-tune the suspension geometry since the new chassis is stiffer than the outgoing platform. In the corners, there was noticeably less body roll. Standard four-wheel disc brakes gave the driver a good response. Smooth, unobtrusive stops were achieved with excellent braking performance. In addition, the model has three engine choices, each of which is distinct in its own manner.

Engine typeHorsepowerTorque
5.4 L V8235 hp @ 4,250 rpm335 lb-ft @ 3,000 rpm
6.3 L V10275 hp410 lb.-ft.
7.3 L275 hp500 lb.-ft.

It is more robust, faster, yet fuel-efficient. The petrol engines come equipped with a 5-speed manual transmission, while the Powerstroke comes conventional with a new 6-speed manual. Improvements have been made to the available 4-speed automatic gearbox.

1999 Ford F250: Triton V8

The 5.4-liter Triton V8 engine in the 1999 Super Duty F-Series trucks produces 235 horsepower. Compared to the motors they supplant, they offer more performance, more power, and better fuel efficiency. Take into account that this engine produces 410 lbs.-ft. Of torque, you can haul and tow seriously without the diesel’s loud, constant chatter or odor. You then enter the diesel class in that category.

1999 Ford F250: Towing Capacity

1999 Ford F250: Towing Capacity

This massive Ford F250 van can pull up to 10,000 pounds when properly outfitted. If you intend to haul even more weight, the F250 can be fitted with the heavy-duty trailer towing package. The maximum towing capacity should not be disregarded. The towing capacity of your car being exceeded can harm your tires, expedite brake wear, stress your engine and transmission, and possibly cause chassis damage. You should thus seek guidance from a subject-matter expert.

Maximum towing capacity10,000 lbs.
Maximum payload3,360.0 lbs.

1999 Ford F250: Alternator

A few warning signals that an alternator needs maintenance are the ones listed below:

  • dimmer lighting
  • an empty battery
  • malfunctions with the accessories
  • Stalling All the Time
  • mumbling sounds

In this situation, you can still chat with a professional to get guidance and a solution recommendation. A new alternator is often the best course of action because they normally last seven years or 150 000 miles. Ford F250 alternators typically cost between $630 and $750.

1999 Ford F250: AC Compressor and Refrigerant

The compressor for your car’s air conditioner system may be thought of as its brain. It allows the refrigerant, a priceless fluid, to circulate through the air conditioning unit. Your air conditioner’s motor should last the entire time it operates, which should be at least twelve years. You can start by keeping an eye out for compressor failure indicators.

  • Insufficient or Little Refrigerant
  • Frozen or Soiled Coils
  • Contamination

The typical price to replace the AC compressor on a Ford F-250 Super Duty is $694 to $877.

In the refrigeration cycle, which cools a place, a refrigerant is a material, frequently a fluid. Refrigerants use the thermodynamic phenomenon of phase transitions to remove the heat and then discharge it to another area. All Ford models from 1999 to 2016 come with R-134a refrigeration.

You will be charged if your air conditioner’s coolant, or Freon as it is also known, is low. Be mindful of these 7 indicators of low refrigerant to guarantee cost and power savings.

  • The air vents don’t blow cool air
  • Your set temperature is never attained.
  • The area around the heater is wet.
  • Noise that bubbles or hisses.

The majority of automakers advise servicing or rebasing your car’s air conditioning system every two to three years. In the automobile, a replacement or refill costs between $200 and $400.

1999 Ford F250: Headlights

On the other hand, if both headlights are malfunctioning, it’s unlikely that a bulb is an issue. The most likely causes include a fuse, headlight relay, headlight control, dimming switch, or a cabling problem. Practically the only reason that can be quickly remedied is a blown a fuse. Replacing high-intensity discharge bulbs can cost up to $100, while headlight assemblies cost between $250 and $700.

1999 Ford F250: Fuel Economy

The rear-drive, short-frame model gets the best fuel economy, achieving 17 mpg in the city, 24 mpg on the highway, and 20 mpg overall, according to the EPA. With four-wheel drive, these ratings fall to 13/12/15 mpg. However, according to the model’s MPG, it can travel up to 100 miles on 7.7 gal. of fuel.

Fuel typeRegular Gasoline
Fuel tank capacity38.0 gal.

1999 Ford F250: Trims and Prices

Work Series (CAB style)$17,295- $22,940
XL$18,340 – $26,150
XLT$20,750 – $27,530
Lariat$22,155 – $30,005

1999 Ford F250: Reviews and Ratings

1999 Ford F250: Reviews and Ratings

Full-size trucks of the all-new Super Duty F-Series were conceived and constructed on a different platform than the F150 and F250, which have GVWRs under 8,500 pounds. For 1999, the Super Duty is offered in Regular Cab, Super Cab with four doors, Crew Cab, and Class A Motor Home Chassis variants. In light of the current rise in the business and industrial areas, this model was created. The 1999 Super Duty F-250’s new external appearance is its standout feature. As a result, it has an overall rating of 8.7 out of 10 for performance, styling, and comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where is the AC fuse located in the 1999 Ford F250?

By the brake pedal, beneath and to the left of the steering wheel, is where you’ll find the fuse panel.

Where is the ABS module located in the 1999 Ford F250?

The majority of cars have an engine compartment where the ABS control module is located.

Does the 1999 Ford F250 has a cabin air filter?

No, the model does not have a cabin air filter.

What is the gross weight of the 1999 Ford F250?

The gross weight of the 1999 Ford F250 is 7800 lbs.

What is the location of the Fuel filter in the 1999 Ford F250?

Under the truck, beneath the front passenger tire, is where the fuel filter housing drain is accessible.

Concluding Thoughts

Ford started over while designing the F-Series Super Duty trucks it would release in 1999. Ford developed an entirely new platform for the previously known Heavy Duty lineup rather than attempting to squeeze heavy-duty performance out of their light-duty F-150 and F-250 models.

The new 1999 Ford F250 Super Duty trucks are designed for commercial use or for towing big objects like fifth wheel trailers, horses, and cement mixers rather than for daily use by individuals. So, if you’re trying to figure out where this powerful vehicle can be used, you can find everything in this place.

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