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1999 Ford Explorer: The Best kind of Model in the 90’s

1999 Ford Explorer

The 1999 Ford Explorer has held the top spot in sport utility sales. The Explorer blends fashion, space, and comfort into a versatile package. Compared to rival models like Jeep and General Motors, the Explorer is a more sophisticated automobile.

The contemporary models lack the characteristic truck-like aspect of the 1999 Ford Explorer. Excellent braking is combined with a supple suspension. Most likely, if you’re considering buying a sport-ute, you’ve already looked at the Explorer. Find out why there are so many of these vehicles on the road if you haven’t already.

1999 Ford Explorer: Dimensions

1999 Ford Explorer Dimensions
Credits: RevLine89
Length190.7 in.
Overall Width Without Mirrors70.2 in.
Height67.7 in.
Wheel Base111.6 in.
Seating Capacity7
Curb Weight3,891 lbs.
Tires Type245/65R17
Tires Size17-inch
Front Head Room39.9 in.
Front Shoulder Room56.7 in.
Front Hip Room51.9 in.
Front Leg Room42.4 in.
Rear Head Room39.3 in.
Rear Shoulder Room56.8 in.
Rear Hip Room36.8 in.
Rear Leg Room51.9 in.

1999 Ford Explorer: Exterior

The 1999 Ford Explorer receives cosmetic updates, including new wheels, running boards, wheel moldings, rocker panel moldings, and fog lamps. On the color wheel, Light Prairie Tan, Desert Violet, Light Denim Blue, Pacific Green, and Evergreen Frost are replaced by Harvest Gold, Chestnut, Deep Wedgewood, Spruce Green, and Tropic Green. It is good to believe that the Explorer is a handsome SUV, despite the fact that outside appearance is a personal preference.

1999 Ford Explorer: Interior

1999 Ford Explorer: Interior

Other models in this category lack a sense of quality that is present in the interior. Radio controls are located on a naturally flowing dashboard and can be used without a magnifying glass. The Explorer’s materials appear and feel luxurious. More comfortable than Chevy’s rear seats and easier to enter and exit than a Jeep. Five persons can easily ride in an Explorer, which has a larger load capacity than the majority of its competitors.

1999 Ford Explorer: Engine

Base Engine TypeGas
Base Engine Size4.0 L
Horsepower160 hp @ 4,200 rpm
Torque225 lb. -ft @ 2,750 rpm
Drive Typerear wheel drive
Transmission5-speed manual

1999 Ford Explorer: Issues

The reverse gear is not working

There are a few things to check first with an automatic transmission when reverse doesn’t function. In some cases, automatic transmission without reverse gear can be fixed with straightforward, affordable fixes. Other times, a qualified mechanic’s assistance will be needed. But some of these causes could be:

  • Transmission Fluid Low
  • Ineffective transmission selector sensor
  • Bad transmission fuel

1999 Explorer Not Starting

A dead battery, an alternator issue, or a bad starter are the three most frequent causes of a Ford Explorer not starting. If your engine seems to have issues mainly when cold, you should check out a few certain parts. Verify whether the battery is powered with a voltmeter. Ensure that fuel is getting to the injections and that the fuel filter is clear. Additionally, examine the spark plugs’ state and gap; if necessary, clean and adjust the plugs. The engine control system and coolant temperature sensor should then be troubleshot.

The Windows are not Working Properly

When the 12-volt battery has been changed, or unplugged, Ford Explorer auto windows frequently stop working. The power windows still work, but to properly close or open them, you must manually hold the switch. In this situation, executing a reset operation should allow the auto to function again.

1999 Ford Explorer: Fuel Economy

Fuel typeRegular unleaded
Fuel tank capacity21.0 gal.
Max Towing Capacity900 lbs.
Max Cargo Capacity81.0 cu. Ft.

1999 Ford Explorer: Pros and Cons

The Explorer is the top option for Americans looking to purchase sport-utes thanks to its dominating vantage point on the road, a variety of engine options, and one of the most spacious and comfortable interiors in its class.Any car in this group struggles to get good gas mileage. That is also true of The Explorer.

1999 Ford Explorer: P0171 and P0174 Codes

Ford’s P0171 and P0174 LEAN codes correspond to the first and second cylinder banks, respectively. These codes are frequently set in various Ford cars when the powertrain control module (PCM) detects an excessively lean air/fuel combination (too much air, not enough fuel).

And a code reader or scan equipment is put into the vehicle diagnostic port when the Check Engine Light is illuminated. One of these codes—or both—may be discovered. If the car is driven for a sufficient amount of time, both codes will usually be set.

A dirty mass airflow (MAF) sensor is one of the most frequent causes of Ford P0171 and P0174 lean code problems. Just before the powerful engine in the air intake tube is where you’ll find the MAF sensor.

1999 Ford Explorer: Alternator

The following are a few warning signs that an alternator needs repair:

  • dim illumination
  • a dead battery
  • failures in the accessories
  • Continual Stalling
  • murmuring noises

You can still speak with a professional to receive advice and a suggestion for a solution in this circumstance. Getting a new alternator is typically the best line of action. Alternators for the Ford Flex commonly range in price from $130 to $250.

1999 Ford Explorer: Catalytic Converter

Due to the V-shaped engine of this aircraft, there would be 2 banks of emissions. Typically, there is one catalytic converter for every bank of exhaust. The catalytic converter is often found in the exhaust system on the underbelly of an automobile or truck, between both the motor and the silencer. The catalytic converter is often found in the exhaust system on the underbelly of an automobile or truck, between the motor and the muffler.

Replace your catalytic converter merely as a last alternative due to the expense involved. It costs money to replace a catalytic converter. Catalytic converter repairs typically cost between $945 and $2475 for most automobiles, components, and labor included. Maintaining proper hygiene with the engine is thus necessary at intervals.

1999 Ford Explorer: Dash Lights and Headlights

1999 Ford Explorer Dash Lights and Headlights

A blown a fuse can be at blame if the dashboard’s lights are completely unresponsive. A damaged fuse may usually be taken out and replaced with relative ease. The average cost for a professional to replace your car’s dashboard lights is $951.

On the contrary, hand, when it comes to headlights, the same thing can occur. If both headlights aren’t working, it’s doubtful that a bulb is a problem. A fuse, headlamp relay, headlight switch, dimmer switch, or a wiring issue are the most likely culprits. A blown a fuse is essentially the only cause that can be easily fixed. High-intensity discharge bulb replacements can go as high as $100, while headlight assembly replacements range from $250 to $700.

1999 Ford Explorer: Price

Eddie Bauer$31,000-$33,000

FAQs on 1999 Ford Explorer

Does a 1999 Ford Explorer have a chip in the key?

This key has a transponder, a tiny electronic chip that aids in the activation of the ECU.

What years of Ford Explorer to avoid?

The ford explorers between the years 2002-2006 should be avoided.

What is the 1999 ford explorer gem module location?

Behind the radio is where you’ll find the GEM module. The two-panel screws must first be removed, followed by the radio.

Does a 1999 Ford explorer have a cabin air filter?

As per recent research, the 1999-2001 ford explorers did not have cabin air filters but a plastic mesh.

How wide varieties of colors are available for 1999 Ford Explorer door handles?

There are 7 colors available for 1999 Ford explorer door handles.

Does a 1999 Ford Explorer has an AC compressor?

Yes, the 1999 ford explorer has an AC compressor.

Concluding Lines

As a result, it isn’t easy to look away from the 1999 Ford Explorer‘s exterior. The qualities and traits outweigh the subpar interior design. So you may rely on it if you’re thinking about purchasing such a fantastic SUV for your large, chubby family.

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