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1954 Ford F-100: A Worthfully Strong Competent to Second-Generation Vehicles

1954 ford f-100

1954 Ford 100 falls under the category of second-generation Ford light-duty trucks. The F-Series covered a broad spectrum of vehicles, from big light-duty trucks to heavy commercial vehicles. Ford updated the F-Series model naming from a single value to 3 digits to emphasize the model revision, and this vehicle fits into this group.

The flathead motor was last used in the 1954 Ford F-100. The new 239 CID overhead cylinder Y-block V8 was introduced. From F-1, it was changed to F-100, which means half tons vehicle. However, if you are eager to know more about these generation vehicles or the particular model, you are at the right place. Thus, you will be able to engage yourself to gain more knowledge.

1954 Ford F-100: Engine Specs

Ford replaced the previous flathead V8 engine with the upper valve “Power King” V-8 motor that has been in the automobile lineup since 1954. The OHV V8 engine also has the same 239 cubic inch capacity as before, but the output was increased. The “Y-Block” engine was the name given to this engine. More information about the model may be found below.

Body TypePick-up
Engine TypeV8 Engine
Power130 Hp @ 4200 rpm.
Torque213.89 lb.-ft. @ 1800-2200 rpm.
Number of cylinders8
Fuel SystemCarburetor

1954 Ford F-100: Exterior Specs

1954 Ford F-100 Exterior Specs

The exterior design of the 1954 Ford 100 was created to complement the comfort, resulting in a pleasant prototype. This was formerly thought to be one of the most practical and desirable automobiles. Several features were added to the previous models.

Length189.13 in.
Width71.3 in.
Height75.31 in.
Wheelbase110 in.
Front track60.59 in.
Rear track60 in.

Some other exterior features that were added are as given below.

  • Push button door handles: These enhance the overall appearance and are simple to use. Ford cars with heavy-duty door locks have a higher indictive value.
  • Windshield Wipers: it had long overlapping which curves around the whole windshield area. Thus, it protects the passengers inside and the front window from bad weather.
  • King-size door openings: these king size door openings i.e. full yard wide opening. Thus, it provides ample space for entrance while stepping inside the car.
  • Wide rear windows: unlimited visibility through 4ft wide deep rear windows. This helps in clear appearance from the rear side of the car.
  • Large air wing ventilators with new grilles with bright metal chevrons.

The exterior color ranges available are Raven Black, Glacier Blue, Vermilion, Goldenrod Yellow, Sheridan Blue, Sea Haze Green, Meadow Green, and Prime.

1954 Ford F-100: Interior Specs

1954 Ford F-100: Interior Specs

Interior spaces of a car are made to create a classic, fresh and fatigue-free ride. Thus, it provides a pleasant ride wherever you go. However, some of these interior specifications are mentioned below.

  • New, woven, full-breathing vinyl upholstery with 3-man seater comfort seats.
  • Exquisite seat shocker snubbers.
  • 2-ways independent shock free adjustable seats.
  • Good amount of space storage area for accessories
  • Rubber foam seat padding
  • Sound deadener on floors for acoustic features.
  • Distinctive horns similar to the modern interior used.
  • Large dome lightings with automatic locking for doors.

1954 Ford F-100: Transmission Specs

1954 Ford F-100: Transmission Specs
  • Good lubrication of the engine because of high-capacity oil pump.
  • Copper and lead connecting rod bearings
  • High left camshaft for proper valve action
  • Chrome plate rings to prevent scuffing
  • Efficient turbulence chamber for high power output
  • Deep skirt crankcase for structural rigidity
  • Valve stem seal for prevention of oil leakage
  • Free turn valves for better self cleaning process
  • 4 Wheel speed transmission type

1954 Ford F-100: Trims

Courier Custom Delivery Trim

  • Gross weight: 4600 lbs.
  • Wheelbase: 115.5 in.
  • Engine Type: X-block/Y-block engines
  • Horsepower: 115 H.P/130 H.P
  • Comes with ball joint front suspension for improved riding
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Low fuel consumption with high compression performance

Ford F-100 6.5 ft. Pickup Trim

  • Gross weight: 4800 lbs.
  • Wheelbase: 110 in.
  • Payload: 1150 lbs.
  • Engine Type: Y-block V8 Engine
  • Horsepower: 130 H.P.
  • 5 wheel transmission choice available
  • Comes with vacuum-boosted power braking features
  • Bolted box construction for superior strength
  • Heavy use of wood in flooring with skid-steep strips for longer lifespan

Ford F-100 8 ft. Panel Trim

  • Gross weight: 4800 lbs.
  • Wheelbase: 110 in.
  • Payload: 1465 lbs.
  • Engine Type: Y-block V8 Engine
  • Horsepower: 130 H.P.
  • 5 wheel transmission choice available
  • Bolted box construction for superior strength
  • Heavy use of wood in flooring with skid-steep strips for longer lifespan
  • Automatc4ic Fordomatic gas-saving options

1954 Ford F-100: Wheels and Tires

This is one of the most unique cars that Ford has ever manufactured. With an abundance of exclusive features introduced in it, it was wide-struck in the eyes of most of the car lowers. One of its exciting feature changes includes using two tire trims: 6.50/ R16 and 215/75 R15. Above all, it also used 15″ wheel caps for tires.

1954 Ford F-100: Cost

Original trucks that have not been changed are scarce, giving them the collector’s pick. This is reflected in the values. Good but inaccurate drivers sell for $15,000 to $30,000, but spectacular original or completely restored stock specimens have sold twice that or more, and demand is growing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the weight of a 1954 F-100?

It is approximately 5000 pounds in weight.

What is the engine size of a 1954 Ford?

The 3.7 L Y-block V8 engine is the engine specification for the 1954 Ford 100.

What is the capacity of the seats in the 1954 Ford F-100 car?

The inner room has an average of 2-3 seat accessibility.

Concluding Thoughts

The 1954 Ford F-100 is the most valued of the second-generation F-series trucks. Nearly every item on them, even down to the exact upholstery, is easily accessible. Provided you start with excellent fundamentals, restoring an F-100 could be a gratifying experience that won’t put you in debt.

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