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How Worthy is Old Alluring 1946 Ford Coupe?

1946 Ford Coupe

1946 ford coupe has a unique structure that reminds the modern audience of pre-war cars. The car is well-known for the internal hot rod machinery that makes it one of the best running models of the 50s. The classic ford model stands out in the concern of luxury and efficient traditional motor built. Are you curious about the 1947 ford model? To learn more about this model, you will need to go through the technical and structural specs offered by the model. 

In this article, you will touch on every essential fact and information related to the model. The specifications and dimensions of the car alone might not be helpful. Therefore, here are some other data procured from the experts and experienced regarding reviews. Also, you may go through the FAQs to find the answer to general uncertainties that strikes the commoners’ mind. It is essential to learn about the 1946 ford coupe car inside out before you confirm a purchase. 

1946 Ford Coupe History

1946 Ford Coupe History

The 1946 ford coupe hot rod model was created by assembling the remaining pieces of master cars in that era. However, it turned out to perform better than any of the motors in the past. The car model is charming to look at and intriguing the more you learn about it. The pre-war model earned much recognition with a different name, Ford super deluxe. The ford designers back in that era claim that the brand had excellent human resources to create a distinct piece of automobiles every time a new idea was proposed.

1946 Ford Coupe Specs

1946 Ford Coupe Specs
Engine Location Front
Drive Type Rear Wheel
Transmission3 Manual
Displacement3703 cc, 226.0 cu in. , 3.7 L.
Power90 BHP (66.24 KW) @ 3300 RPM
Cylinder BlockCast-iron
CarburetorHolley 1-Barrel Model 847F
Main Bearing4
Bore3.3 in. 84 mm.
Stroke4.4 in. 112 mm.


The interior of a ford super deluxe is the original definition of luxury. Starting from the very initial seat covering, mats, and other cloth materials to the extra special features of the era. Everything about this model was genuine and enthralling for its audience. Even today, the car earns widespread acknowledgment and demand from the market of enthusiastic old or classic car collectors. The interior of this model was popular for its detailing, but so was the exterior.

Seating Capacity 6
Doors4 or 2


Exterior ford coupe

The model not only signifies pre-war engineering but also explains the style and preferences of the 50s. The peculiar front hump-like built of the car gave it a renounce when it was first introduced. The ford enthusiasts who keep track of the historical models in ford production show interesting responses at the mention of this model. Many car collectors often have this model on their bucket lists. The car is, therefore, much more than just an old piece of a machine even today.

Length198.2 in 
Wheelbase 114.0 in

1946 Ford Coupe Values

When you buy a car, it is necessary to check the price to coordinate it with the financial status. In the case of purchasing an old ford model, financing becomes further necessary. There are two ways in which you can approach the dealers. First of all, if you are money conscious, it is better to approach used car dealers to get a handy deal. Otherwise, you can go on to the official ford collections and get a first-hand deal signed. Below are the estimated values that you must expect depending on the conditions.

  • Concours: $38,000
  • Excellent: $28,900
  • Good: $15,100
  • Fair: $7,700

Availability Of 1946 Ford Coupe Parts

You can find the spare parts online without needing to wander around the nostalgia stores for 1946 ford coupe hood ornament original replacements. You can refer to the dimension table to find the components that suit the model dimensions. Check these sites to find the best compatible assembly for your old ford coupe. 

  • eBay
  • Third Gen Automotive
  • Eckler’s Automotive Parts
  • CARiD
  • RockAuto
  • OEM Parts

You can find any parts of coupe under your budget on these sites. The reason behind such a wide range of availability of its components can not be any better explained if for mentioning the fact that one of the trims were constructed in a manner to provide absolute 1946 ford coupe convertibility

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1946 Ford Coupe Reviews

The reviews of this model were prominently indicating to its flexible convertibility and excellent drivability. Over the technical specialties of the Japanese-imported technology, the model’s appearance possessed a peculiarly hooded hump. The model was an example of the technological exchange between America and Japan. Also, it is an efficient and moderately priced hot rod of the 50s. Have more queries? Check the general questions answered by the experts.

✔️ Hot-Rod Built Steering And Handle Is Heavy
✔️ Retro Head-Turning Model No Pre-attached Stereo System
✔️ Ornamented And Well-DetailedNo Mileage
✔️ Full Convertible/ CustomisableOriginal Dashboard Not Changeable
✔️ Cost-EfficientRough Ride Till Complete Furbished
PROs And CONs Of The Model

FAQs Related To 1946 Ford Coupe

How much does a 1946 Ford coupe weigh?

The classic ford coupe model of 1947 weighs 3065 lbs (1390.261 kg) irrespective of the trim differences, with the assembly of engine and body of unit steel.

What are the active production years of the 1946 ford coupe?

The production of ford coupe duper deluxe was active from 1946 to 1949. In the year of 1947, the company produced around 429,674 models of the same base structure and with 6 different trims.

Where can one buy 1946 ford coupe front suspensions?

Many online sites will provide compatible front suspensions for hot rod vehicles. Below are some sites you need to visit;
1) eBay
2) SummitRacing
3) Johnny Law Motors
4) Speedway Motors

How many 1946 ford coupe colors are available?

There are around 40 different colors of paint. The most favorite colors of the ford coupe 1946 are Dark Slate Gray Metallic, Silver Sand Metallic, Dynamic Maroon, Light Moonstone Gray, Navy Blue, Botsford Blue Green, Greenfield Green, and Modern Blue.

Final Words

The model is truly manufactured with premium quality material to provide the best affordable luxury. At the time of its early manufacture, this model had an enriching fandom globally. Gradually as the technology advanced, people growing curious about the new specifications and left the golden structure of the 1946 ford coupe behind. Now in the modern age of the 21st century, the craze of the classic hot rod has pulled the attention back to the old alluring ford productions in history.

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